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Wuhan as a Tourist Destination

07Jun 2018 唐芙蓉
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Tang Fu Rong

Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China

2017 Nagasaki Overseas Technical Trainee

Lived in Nagasaki from August 2017 to March 2018





Hello everyone.

My name is Tang Fu Rong and I was a Nagasaki Overseas Technical Trainee in 2017. I’m from Wuhan City, in the Chinese province of Hubei. I lived in Nagasaki for about six months starting in August of 2017. It’s already been two months since I left Nagasaki, but it feels like I was there just yesterday.




“Where are you from?”

While in Nagasaki, I was often asked this question by the people around me. “Wuhan” I would respond and most times would receive a quizzical look. I found this to be a little strange.




China is basically divided up into Southern, Northern, Central, Eastern, and Western parts. Wuhan is the biggest city in the central part. Wuhan has long been famous in China as an industrial city, and so is perhaps less well-known than other tourist cities. Nevertheless, Wuhan is a very attractive city for tourism. I realized this only recently, after having lived here for nearly 10 years and found myself visiting different parts of the city with my kids. I’d like to tell you about Wuhan from a tourism point of view.




Yellow Crane Tower



1. Yellow Crane Tower

First, I’d like to tell you about the symbol of Wuhan: The Yellow Crane Tower. It’s a viewing platform that was built in the year 223 CE by Sun Quan, a person of fame from the Three Kingdoms period. It is now one of the Four Great Towers of China. Inside, guests can see legends, songs, works of calligraphy, and famous pieces of art related to the tower. From the tallest point of the tower, guests can enjoy views of the waves in the Yangtze River and the coastline. When he visited the tower, Chairman Mao Zedong wrote a poem (a kind of verse in Tang period style) about the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge right next to it. Not far away is the Xinhua Revolution Museum which features much about Sun Yat-Sen, who has deep connections to Nagasaki. Other nearby attractions include Hu Bu Hang (户部巷) which is an area bustling with people getting traditional food and B-level gourmet meals, and Hantan River which is even wider than Shanghai’s Huangpu River.


Cherry Blossoms at Wuhan University



2. The Cherry Blossoms at Wuhan University

The cherry blossoms at Wuhan University peak from the middle of March. When it comes to cherry blossoms, I imagine a lot of readers might be less than impressed since they are everywhere in Japan. However, the cherry blossoms here have a special meaning. These trees were given to China from Japan in 1972, when diplomatic relations between the two nations was normalized. Even now, these trees are loved by many people as the symbol of the restoration of our friendship with Japan. Not only is the campus big, but it has many buildings that were constructed in the 1930s. The pairing of these old trees and even older buildings makes it one of the leading cherry blossom viewing spots in China, and is visited by droves of adoring tourists every year. By the way, through the rear gate of Wuhan University you will find the East Lake, which is the most picturesque place in all of Wuhan. The East Lake is the biggest of all the lakes in cities in China.





Musical Performance at the Hubei Provincial Museum


3. Hubei Provincial Museum

Every province in China has its own museum, but Hunan is the birthplace of the state of Chu (770 – 221 BCE), and so at the Hunan Provincial Museum you can learn a lot about ancient periods. You can also enjoy musical performances from professionals wearing traditional clothes and playing bronze instruments from 433 BCE. If you’re a fan of history, please don’t miss this place.


I also recommend The Han Show, a world class show, which is performed in the Chu River and Han Street area which has become famous recently for its shopping. Music, dancing, acrobatics, and the latest CG technology all meld together and are set over moving seats which makes for a show that feels like you’re a part of it.





The Han Show (stage performance)



What do you think? Wuhan is bursting with nature and history. I hope you all take the chance to visit. I’ll be here.