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55th Anniversary of the Nagasaki Kenjinkai of Brazil

29Mar 2018 堤セリナ 広子
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Hiroko Celina Tsutsumi

Capao Bonito, Sau Paulo, Brazil

2016 Nagasaki Overseas Technical Trainee




Hello everyone! Long time no see!

My name is Hiroko Celina Tsutsumi and I was a Nagasaki Overseas Technical Trainee in 2016. It feels like we’ve just stepped into 2018 but it’s actually already March! Time goes by so quickly!



Being on the other side of the earth, it’s summer here and we’re experiencing a long string of hot days. Unlike Japan, our summer break happens from December until the end of January, so I’ve been going to the beach with my family a lot lately. I even recently went to a resort called Maragogi and you can see a picture of the sea there below. Isn’t it pretty? ^^





This is a bit late but I want to tell you about the Anniversary Ceremony of the 55th Nagasaki Kenjinkai of Brazil. I attended this celebration on November 12th last year which featured an anniversary ceremony, a peace Bon-odori, and other celebratory attractions.






It began with a greeting from Mr. Hiroshi Kawazoe, President of the Nagasaki Kenjinkai of Brazil. We also received a video message from Governor Houdou Nakamura of Nagasaki Prefecture, and a recording of the peace proclamation by Mayor Tomihisa Taue of Nagasaki City.

Politicians from Sao Paulo as well as other important people were invited. Even the Japanese Consul General from the Sao Paulo Consulate of Japan, Mr. Yasushi Noguchi, was in attendance.




The ceremony was begun in the morning, and for lunch we all had some delicious bentos. From the afternoon we enjoyed the Peace Bon dance and many other fun attractions. The Bon dance wooden stage (yagura) was set up, and the dragon from the Nagasaki Kunchi Dragon Dance was on display and attracted the attention of many fans.




The program included activities like picture story shows (kamishibai), exercise (taiso), games, sara-odori, and yosakoi, among other dances that the people of Nagasaki would be familiar with. But the most popular attraction was, without a doubt, the Dragon Dance! The entire event swelled with excitement when it was finally time. All the performers practiced very hard in preparation and enjoyed a gigantic round of applause from an appreciative crowd when they finished ^^




In Brazil, the popularity of the Bon dance is not limited to Japanese people and their relatives. This year I dressed up in a yukata and joined in ^^ There were many Bon dance first timers in our group, but Brazilians are positive people who love to dance, so people got used to it very quickly and everyone had a great time. People of all ages joined in and it made for a great atmosphere ^^







The theme of this year’s ceremony was “peace,” and so there were posters, DVDs, paper story shows, books, and magazines that have to do with peace and the tragedy of war all on display. We, the members of a kenjinkai of a prefecture that has been attacked with an atomic bomb, want as many people as possible to remember the history of Nagasaki and live in peace.



Thanks to all the work of the Kenjinkai, the ladies section, and the youth section, this year’s celebration is truly one to remember. I will continue to do my best for Nagasaki, and the Nagasaki Kenjinkai of Brazil.



Also, this year marks the 110th anniversary of Japanese immigration to Brazil, so there will also be a ceremony for that. I’ll write a report on that too, so get excited!

Obrigada! ^^ (Thank you!)