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Welcome to Charming Da Nang City

12Dec 2017 Nguyen Thi Cam Nhung
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Nguyen Thi Cam Nhung

Da Nang City, Vietnam

2016 Nagasaki Prefectural Overseas Technical Trainee

Lived in Nagasaki from August 2016 to March 2017




Hello everyone!


Do you remember me? I trained for six months at the Nagasaki International Association as part of the 2016 Nagasaki Overseas Technical Trainee Program. My name is Nhung.

I’m from Da Nang, which is on the coast in the middle of Vietnam. Da Nang has come to be known as one of Vietnam’s most popular cities for tourism and is capturing the hearts of people from all over the world, not least of which are Japanese people. Magazines, websites, news organizations, mass media, and the Dejima Network have all covered Da Nang in the past, and if you check out those resources you’ll be able to get the gist of Da Nang pretty quickly, I think.



Da Nang City (C)



That’s why I want to take this opportunity to write about Da Nang in a bit more depth than what you can find in the places above. I’ll tell you all about the character and charms of Da Nang and I bet you’ll be surprised by the similarities it holds with Nagasaki!




A view of Da Nang City (C)



“City of the Ocean”

Da Nang, a city blessed by surrounding nature, is widely known as an “City of the Ocean”. The beaches here will take your breath away. Public awareness of the beaches exploded overnight when it was recently recognized by Forbes Magazine as “One of the most charming beaches in the world.”


The ocean surrounding the Goto Islands in Nagasaki is beautiful, but the ocean around Da Nang is the prettiest!



A beach in Da Nang (C)



Making the most of this beautiful scenery, investors from all over the world, including Japan, have worked with Da Nang City and now resorts, hotels, and more have been popping up one after another in this area. Guests of these venues get to enjoy these superb views of the beaches.




Fresh fish city (Photograph: winhuynh)



You would be shocked by the number of fresh fish shops and restaurants around the beach areas. At many of these establishments guests can enjoy fish, shrimp, and shellfish caught fresh and cooked with the owners own preferred flavors. Come and enjoy some delicious bounty of the sea at unbelievably reasonable prices. It’s because of this that Da Nang is often referred to as “fresh fish city”. Nagasaki also has a name for itself for the fresh seafood.




Fresh seafood  (C)



Cooked ray, a very popular item (Photograph: Nhungella)




Oysters with onion (Photograph: Nhungella)



Another thing that Da Nang has come to be known for is the bridges over the Han River. There are now six in place. The bridges names are Quay, Song Han, Thuan Phuoc, Nguyen Van Troi, Dragon, and Tran Thi Ly. Not only are these bridges important for people’s everyday lives, but they are also symbols of Da Nang’s history and are important tourist locations. They have won awards related to their construction.

For example, the Quay Bridge is the only bridge in Vietnam that can turn at a 90 degree angle, and is recognized as the symbol of the city, and is also used in its logo.





The Quay Bridge (C)


The Dragon Bridge has been called the most beautiful long iron bridge in the world. On the weekends, this bridge shoots out fire and sprays water in a unique display. No other place in the world will you find a bridge like this. It has won a number of international construction contests and has come to be the leading tourist attraction in the city.

Megami Bridge over the Nagasaki Bay is also quite beautiful when lit up at night ^^




The Dragon Bridge blowing fire! (Photograph: Nhungella)


Da Nang also has many more unique buildings. For example, there is the Ba Na Hills theme park that looks like a medieval French town. There is also the statue of a carp climbing a waterfall where the head is a dragon’s but the body is that of a carp. There’s the Wharf of Love, which is popular with couples. Of course, I must include the Dragon Bridge as well. Da Nang has also been called “the city of new buildings.”




Ba Na Hills (C)


In addition to construction projects, the city government has also been putting effort into implementing amusement space, events, cultural tours, and boat rides for night views for residents as well as tourists. Among those events is the Vietnam-Japan Cultural Exchange Festival which is held at the end of July every year. Representatives from Nagasaki, as well as many other areas of Japan along with Japanese companies join the festival every year to deepen the friendly relationship between our two countries.




The 3rd Da Nang City Vietnam-Japan Cultural Festival, 2016 (C)


Behind all the developments in the economy and tourism of Da Nang are a few things. There are five “NO” principles: no poor households, no quitting school in elementary or junior-high school, no begging, no drug addicts, no murder. There are three things that everyone should have: a home, a job, and a civilized lifestyle. They are also implementing these four things relating to safety: social safety, motoring safety, food hygiene safety, and law and order. For these reasons, Da Nang has been called the best city in Vietnam to live. Not only the residents, but the foreign visitors too, are able to enjoy an environment of public safety to take advantage of the abundant nature and the local gourmet selections.




A night view of Da Nang (C)


Da Nang is not only a tourist city, but is also working to establish international exchange. The city is actively pursuing friendship and cooperation with cities in Japan such as Yokohama City in Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawasaki City, Mitsuke City in Niigata Prefecture, Kushiro City in Hokkaido, and Nagasaki Prefecture.



The People’s Committee Chair of Da Nang City meeting with a visiting group from Nagasaki Prefecture (C)



Da Nang City is the perfect place to find pleasure for all five senses and leave feeling refreshed. Please come and visit sometime! I’ll be here.