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Making Kanzarashi

06Mar 2012 tomocchi
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This is kanzarashi, a food which has been loved in Shimabara since long ago.



Kanzarashi consists of small shiratama dumplings made from rice flour, which are cooled in Shimabara’s spring water and then covered in syrup and eaten.


There are many people who say, “This is an old-fashioned flavour,” even when trying it for the first time. The sticky, chewy shiratama and the gentle sweetness of the syrup go together perfectly.


I’m always eating, so I’ll happily have a go at making this!

You can make kanzarashi at the “Shimabara Yuusuikan” building on Shimabara city’s Shinmachi-doori , which is also known as Koi-no-oyogu-machi (“the town of swimming carp”).  

And it’s free!





Shimabara Yuusuikan.



There’s no need to reserve beforehand here. You just need to turn up and say, “I want to make kanzarashi!” 


So let’s get to it!

First, you add water to the kanzarashi flour, kneading it until it’s about as pliable as your earlobe.



After that you roll it out into a long, rod-like shape…



Then you roll it into little round balls.

If you’re making it in a group then be sure you all make the balls the same size! The main point here is not to make them very big. Don’t be greedy!



Finally, they’re boiled, cooled in spring water, and you’re done!



Take your time eating your kanzarashi as you gaze out on the garden.



I’ve talked about making kanzarashi here, but it’s also possible to try out making rokubee, a famous noodle dish said to be local to Shimabara, too.







Shimabara Yuusuikan

Address: 2-chome, Shinmachi, Shimabara city
Opening hours: 10:00~17:00(kanzarashi­-making carried out on request)
Cost: Free
Enquiries: Shimabara Tourism & Geopark Group
Tel: 0957-63-1111


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