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Fukui Cave Museum

30Sep 2021 tomocchi
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Travel into the Paleolithic/Jomon period!

I went to Fukui Cave Museum which was opened in April, 2021 in Sasebo city. Sasebo city has the most number of cave ruins in Japan.

Fukui Cave Museum is the best place to learn about Fukui Cave while having fun, the ruin shows the change from Paleolithic period to Jomon period.



This museum is complex with Yoshii branch of Sasebo City Hall and Yoshii Area Community Center.

The building has just completed!

Taking a step inside,  a diorama of the excavation site of Fukui cave (actual see!)  welcomes you.



Introduced changing of Fukui cave over several tens of thousands of years by very beautiful, impressive images and sounds.

First of all, watch a five-minute summary video. Then it’s about time to take a tour!

Look all things thoroughly no matter how it’s small. There are so many treasures here and there.



‘ The moment I stepped into the entrance, I was surprised to find there were displayed national important cultural property.

Way more than I expected….

A row of national important properties!

“National Treasures” are displayed generously.

This is a hunting tool which was made 19,000 years ago!
Sparkle and beautifully sharp graver!


excavated from 13th layer/ the first trench


There are about 400 pieces of stoneware and earthenware.(included national important cultural property)



This is a strip tearing off from actual stratum of Fukui cave.

From looking at this, you can feel and see the flow of the tens of thousand years.

The cosplay photo shooting with Naumann elephant!



Taking funny photos feeling like Paleolithic and Jomon people.(Free)

On the left clothes is made of Ezo Deer’s fur.(Hokkaido Sika Deer)

It’s heavy, feel so real.

On the right clothes is made of hemp for children and men. Why don’t you take a family photo for memories of the trip?


Experience of making a fire, knitting in ancient times and making Magatama (comma-shaped beads). (※Reservation required)
I thought it was hard to understand about ascent times, but I could feel a sense of romance because of understandable display with illustrations and videos.


Well, after learning at the museum, let’s explore the cave!



If you come by public transportation like MR Matsuura train, I suggest trying “Bicycle Rental Service.”

A power assisted bicycle makes you easy to ride on a bumpy road.

It takes about 20min, 4km to Fukui cave.


Around this area, there are some good tourist spots like “Senryuu Falls”(feel cool and refreshing), Ohashi Kannon”(famous as autumn leaves) and “Gozou pond”(drawing attention as photogenic spot).