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Exploring Nagasaki with Open-Top bus “Sora-Kaze”!

31Aug 2021 tomocchi
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Why don’t you look around Nagasaki  by Open-Top bus while feeling the breeze and clear sky?

The first Open-Top Bus “Sora-Kaze Bus” in Nagasaki prefecture was launched in Nagasaki city from July 22nd.

Let me introduce this amazing tour!



Hop abroad at Dejima Omote-Mon (Main gate).

The expert guide gives you fascinating information.



You can see Nagasaki’s distinct landscape from Mt. Inasa trail.



The breeze feels great!

Pass through Megami Ohashi bridge, cable-stayed bridge, looking out Nagasaki Port on both sides.



‘Look up in the sky, the colossal comes into your eyes!

It is breathtaking!



And now, off the bridge, you can see the back of a pier.

It’s just like “Megami Ohashi bridge, Should See It from the Side or the Bottom?” …to made a parody of a famous Japanese movie, “Fireworks, Should See It from the Side or the Bottom?”



The bus is open top and well ventilated.

When it begins to rain, the hood covers the top, so sudden weather change is never a problem.

There’ no better way to tour Nagasaki than with this open-top bus tour.

Grand Opening promotion now! (until the end of September)