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Shimenguu Goshuin Tour around Shimabara peninsula and Isahaya city.

31Jul 2021 tomocchi
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Goshuin is a seal stamp which proves that you visited a certain temple or shrine.
The event which you can visit 10 shrines in Shimabara Peninsula and Isahaya city and collecting the stamps called Goshuin is  being held.

In Nara era, about 1300 years ago, the shrine, “Shimenguu”, which was built in Unzen,  is the master guardian shrine of Kyushu.  The branch shrines were built all over Shimabara peninsula and Isahaya city.

In Meiji era, most of them changed their names such as ‘Hot spring(Onsen) shrine’.

“Shimenguu Goshuin Tour” is a special event.  In this event, you visit 10 shrines out of
25 shirines, which used to be Shimenguu.  You can collect the smaller stamps called
Mame Goshuin in each shrine.

I went to some shrines so I’ll introduce the atmosphere of them.

Unzen Hot Spring Shrine ( The Grand Head Shrine )



Unzen Hot Spring Shrine, which is located in the center of hot springs in Unzen, is the grand head shrine of other hot spring shrines in Shimabara peninsula and Isahahaya city.

It is known as the shrine for good buisness and safe driving.



First of all, I went and prayed at the shrine.



Married Couple Persimmon Tree'(Meoto-Gaki) is a sacred place, which can bring safety for children and good fortune in love.

It is said that you can make your wishes will come true if you hold two trees together, raise your hands, say your wishes and pray!



You can collect goshuin at a shrine office.  ( 9:00 am – 5:00pm)

How to reveive mame goshuin:  to take it from the award box and donate ceremony fee, hatsuho-ryo in the offering box.



UIn Shimenguu Goshuin Tour,  all the Goshuin is very wonderful because of using elegant Japanese papers with decoration.nzen Hot Spring Shrine is the grand head shrine so the size of goshuin is twice as big as others.

( It is a sticker so that it can be easily attached. )



I met a beautiful cat.



Unzen Hot Spring Shrine is in the center of spa.   It is in the entrance of Unzen Jigoku, so you can also enjoy hot springs and Jigoku tour.  Unzen Jigoku, also known as Unzen Hell, is one of the best places to enjoy natural hot spring in Nagasaki Prefecture.





Hot Spring Kumano Shrine


A surburb of Shimabara city

I came to Hot Spring Kumano Shrine, which is surrounded by greenery  with the
nostalgic atmosphere



The main shrine is very classic because it has a historic atmosphere

I really like the curved Karahahu roof and decoration!

In addition, we decorate the entrances of our homes with ‘Shimenawakazari’, a small rope made from rice straws, during the New Years season to word off evil spirits in Japan.
Especially in Shimabara Peninsula,’Shimenawakazari’ is on the entrances of shrines and houses all year round.  This shows that people living in the house are not a christian.

The big camphor tree next to the main shrine is 400 years old.  It is  designated as a
natural monument in Nagasaki.

In the precinct of the shrine, clean water is gushing out and it is popular as a ‘avatar of
water’ among  local people.  It is a sacred place with a lot of negative ions.

How to reveive goshuin: to take it from the award box in the entrance of the main shrine and donate ceremony fee, hatsuho-ryo in the offering box.



Arie Hot Spring Shrine


The Arie district has a charming cityscape such as a historic sake brewery.



This is my best spot since I visited “Arie Kura Tour”, the first opening of warehouse after New Year, for the first time.  It is held every spring.

I can feel comfortable ‘energy’ like negative ions.  This shrine is a landmark in Arie town.



Memorial goshuin

If you collect 10 mame goshuin and 1 mame sign ( given by Tourism Association of Shimabara Peninsula), you can receive a memorial goshuin at  Unzen Hot Spring Shirine or Isahaya Shirine.


Memorial goshuin receiving place: Unzen Hot Spring Shirine or Isahaya Shirine.

Donate ceremony fee, hatsuho-ryo:800 JPY

Receiving Place:  Shrine office  ( 9:00 am – 5:00pm)

Contact:  Each shrines or Shimengu office ( Shrine agency: only weekdays TEL 095-827-5689)

Shimenguu Goshuin Tour around Shimabara peninsula and Isahaya city.

How about taking your time visiting various shirines, enjoying hot springs and cuisine?