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Hydrangea, speaking of the rainy season in Nagasaki / Nagasaki tram “Minato”

30Jun 2021 tomocchi
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It’s rainy again today in Nagasaki.

It’s difficult to travel far away due to virus pandemic, but  beautiful hydrangea blooming in Nagasaki prefectual office can heal us.



” The statue of Siebold in his young days ( by Naoki Tominaga )”  nearby hydrangea



Hydrangea is the flower that Siebold loved.  He was a Dutch doctor in Nagasaki.

Siebold married Japanese woman named “Otaki-san”.  Shiebold named this beautiful flower “Otakusa” after his loved Japanese wife “Otaki-san”.Therefore, the scientific name of hydrangea is “Otakusa”

In 1968,  hydrangea was selected as a symbolic flower of Nagasaki city.

Hydrangea has been loved by the citizens as a symbolic flower in Nagasaki since then.

Nagasaki tram, “Minato”



By the way, Nagasaki tram, the historic transportation is familiar to local people.

In Nagasaki city, you can get on the tram just only  ¥130.  It’s very cheap and convenient.

What I recommend the most for tram is “Minato”.

This tram  is a very cute design with a lot of attractive points of Nagasaki.

“Minato” was designed  by Mr. Eiji Mitooka, who is in charge of designing a lot of trains such as  a luxuary sleeper train of JR Kyushu, “Nanatsuboshi in Kyushu”.

Same as well for Minato, you can get on the tram with only  ¥130 for adult, and just ¥70 for children!

It is a lucky news for you, isn’t it?

In spite of  such gorgeous looks,  you can get on “Minato” as a normal train,  not a special train.

The exterior of “Minato” is the color of Metallic blue matched the image of a harbor town, Nagasaki.



The body of “Minato” has an illustration of  “Omagari neko” ( a cat with kinked tail).  You can often meet this type of cat in Nagasaki.

This is a lucky cat which brings luck to you with its kinked tail!!



A lot of timber is used for the interior decoration.

Every color and pattern of seats is nostalgic and  fantastic.  So you can’t choose where to sit, all the seats are nice!Japanese Wood Crafting Technique Art called ‘Kumiko’ is beautiful.  You can see it behind a driver’s seat.



A stained glass is used  for a part of the windows as inspired from churches in Nagasaki.



Even the ceiling is gorgeous that it would catch your eyes.



You can enjoy an illustration of “Jaodori”(dragon dance), which is popular in Nagasaki Kunchi festival.

Do you  want to get on “Minato”?  Do you want to know where and when “Minato” is running?

If you are interested, please check out the homepage of  Nagasaki electric Tramway Co., Ltd.   You can use the Internet service, “Dokone”, which can tell you the current location of “Minato”.

The tram, “Minato” filled with charms of Nagasaki

Why don’t you get on “Minato” when you get around the city?




The official mascot of Nagasaki electric Tramway Co., Ltd,  “Naganyan”

“I am a fairy cat living in a tram. Meow〜”