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Otasshan Hot Spring (Wakihama communal bath)

28Dec 2020 tomocchi
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November 26 (11/26) is “the Good Bath Day”. Because, in Japanese, 11 can be read as “ii” that means good, and 26 “furo” that means a bath.

That’s why I would like to introduce just “hot springs” to you.

On this occasion, I reveal the information on my “highly recommended hot spring”, which I love so much that I have kept secret until now.

(Moreover, with a bathing scene of a good-looking man.)

The “highly recommended hot spring” is located at “Obama Onsen” in Unzen city, Nagasaki Prefecture.

“Obama Onsen” is a hot spring area with a superb view overlooking Tachibana Bay. 15,000 tons of hot water of about 100 degrees Celsius wells up a day from 30 sources of hot springs in this area, and the amount of heat is “the best in Japan”.

The hot sodium chloride spring water warms you up from the core of your body, so it is especially recommended in the cold season.

The 16 hot spring inns, and three separate hot springs which are communal baths, are each unique and attractive, but here is the one I would like to introduce.



Wakihama communal bath, commonly known by “Otasshan Hot Spring”.

“Otasshan Hot Spring” was opened in 1937.

The retro appearance of a wooden one-story building retaining the atmosphere of the Showa era days has been selected as a town’s landscape asset of Nagasaki Prefecture.

When I paid 200 yen at the collector’s counter and went inside, I felt just like I was in a “Museum of lives in Showa era”.






The wooden lockers and a signboard that says “Three sen per adult”, which has been around since the opening of the business, have a retro Showa era atmosphere, and they are really interesting.



Then, when I finally opened the door of the bathroom, my heart’s desire, and —,



there was an amazing space surrounded by extremely comfortable air there. The high ceiling and large windows let in the open and calm sunlight.


*The model is Mr. M, a good-looking staff member who accompanied me.

*It is not a bath where men and women bathe together.


I was surprised at the softness of the hot water!



After I poured hot water on my body and entered the bathtub, I was surprised at the softness of the hot water!

As to the element of this hot spring, it is the same “sodium chloride spring” as other hot springs in Obama Onsen. But the comfort just like being embraced by the hot water gives the impression that it is a little different from the others.


Your skin doesn’t get sticky but smooth after bathing.

And above all, you can easily feel refreshed from the tiredness of your shoulders and lower back due to overuse of the computer or cellphone.

Its good reputation has spread, and I heard that there are many regular guests who come not only from the local neighborhood but also from outside the city and the prefecture.

At the time of reporting, we shared this hot spring with a trio of healthy senior women from Shimabara city, who visit here almost every week.

“The hot water of this spring is really soft!”

“This hot spring is salty, but it is not sticky. That’s a good point!”

“You are exactly right!”

Their chat became lively.


We interviewed Ms. Miyoko Takushima, the owner.

“Otasshan Hot Spring” was opened in 1937 by a family led by Mr. Tsuneo Takushima, who is Miyoko’s father-in-law.

It is said that this hot spring has come to be called “Otasshan Hot Spring” after the name of the eldest daughter “Tashi-san” who ran a store nearby. But I think it has a meaning that when you have a bath in this hot spring, you will feel energetic, or “tassha”, a dialect in this neighborhood.

Miyoko was born in 1932, five years before the opening of this hot spring.

Miyoko is now 88 years old. According to her, she got married when she was 21, and came to this hot spring which was already crowded with many people.

“At that time, there were no indoor baths at the inns, so it was crowded with the guests from those inns.”

Looking up at the wisteria trellis at the front door that has been watching over this communal bath, Miyoko said smilingly, “This wisteria trellis has become a pretty old lady, however every year around the Golden Week, beautiful flowers with a pale purple color come into bloom and that makes guests smile.”



The tank of the source of the hot spring behind the site.

On our way home, we could see the source tank behind the site.

While being overwhelmed by the source of the hot spring that wells up with a roar, I felt that I had a glimpse of the power of Obama Onsen, which is said to have the highest amount of heat in Japan.

Even in Nagasaki prefecture, it has gotten colder and colder in the morning and evening, and the signs of winter are gradually approaching.

How about warming up in a warm hot spring and feeling refreshed?


854-0513 7, Minami-Honmachi, Obama town, Unzen city, Nagasaki prefecture

Phone: 0957-74-3402

Charge: 200 yen

Open: 6:00 ~ 21:00

*Scheduled to be closed from July to August in 2021 due to renovation work.