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“Real Treasure Hunt” Events in various places in Nagasaki Prefecture“History Hunters ~ The festival of hunters gathering in Nagasaki ~”

30Nov 2020 tomocchi
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“Real Treasure Hunt” Event in Nagasaki Prefecture!?

From Sunday, November 1, tour promotion event, “Real Treasure Hunt” will start. You will search for hidden treasure boxes in each area of Nagasaki Prefecture using the treasure map. The entry fee is free.



Points of the event

[Point 1]

If you can’t go around all 12 areas, don’t worry. You can join even one area. Please feel free to join. The entry fee is free.

As it is “a level that even beginners can easily enjoy”, it is also recommended for a family outing.

[Point 2]

Discover the attractions of Nagasaki again! You might be able to discover the attractions of the local areas you did not know along with the treasure hunting!

[Point 3]

You might win a gorgeous prize by lottery!

Depending on the number of treasure boxes you find, you can apply for a lottery to win gorgeous prizes such as local specialties, accommodation vouchers in the prefecture, and V-Varen Nagasaki’s annual passport.

There are 42 kinds of prize in all. You can apply for a lottery to win prizes from clearing one area. The number of prizes you can apply for will increase depending on how many areas you clear. So, aim to clear all areas!

(There are two types of prizes: “Prize that you can always get by clearing the area” and “Prizes won by lottery”.)

Now, get a “Treasure Map” and go on an adventure!

How to get the treasure map (a participation booklet)

1) Free distribution on the spot (Tourist information centers in 12 areas in Nagasaki Prefecture, etc.)

2) Free download on the official website

*12 areas in Nagasaki Prefecture

(Sasebo city, Shimabara city, Hirado city, Matsuura city, Tsushima city, Iki city, Saikai city, Unzen city, Minami-Shimabara city, Higashi-Sonogi town, Kawatana town, Hasami town)

*You will be able to download the treasure map from 17:00 on Friday, October 30.

*It may be difficult to read or understand by the download version. So, we recommend that you get the participation booklet, which is free of charge, from the tourist information centers in 12 areas of the prefecture.

Why don’t you take this opportunity to enjoy “real treasure hunting” with your family or friends while experiencing the attractions of various areas of Nagasaki Prefecture by taking advantage of the “Go To Travel Campaign” conducted by the national government.

[Basic Information]

Period: Sunday, November 1, 2020 ~ Sunday, February 28, 2021

Entry fee: free

How to participate: Please obtain the booklet distributed at tourist information centers in 12 areas in Nagasaki Prefecture and participate.