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The Nagasaki Eleven Shrines Stamp Rally

12Feb 2019 tomocchi
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Hello, it’s Tomocchi!☆

The “Nagasaki Eleven Shines Stamp Rally”, in which you can visit 11 shrines in Nagasaki City and collect an original stamp from each shrine, will run for one year from Jan 1st to Dec 31st 2019.



Here are the 11 shrines that are taking part:

Sannō Shrine, Yasaka Shrine, Yatsurugi Shrine, Suijin Shrine

Matsushima Inari Shrine, Konpira Shrine, Nishiyama Shrine

Matsumori Tenmangu Shrine, Isenomiya Shrine, Miyajidake Hachiman Shrine, Wakamiya Inari Shrine.




A nine-shrine rally was held in 2018, but in 2019 there are two new shrines to make a grand total of eleven! One of these is Miyajidake Hachiman Shrine, which is notable for its torii shrine gate made from Arita Porcelain. The other is Yatsurugi Shrine which has a striking torii shrine gate for which one side is swept upwards like a sword.



If you visit all 11 shrines and collect a stamp from each one, you will be able to purchase a special omamori amulet decorated with Nagasaki castella and momo peach castella. The amulet is on sale at Yasaka Shrine for ¥500 to those who have completed the stamp rally.



This year the omamori amulet has a new design, and there are some shrines that have a new stamp design too, so if you took part in last year’s nine shrine rally, this year’s rally will be a fresh challenge.



You can get a copy of the combined leaflet and stamp sheet from the participating shrines, as well as the entrance of the Nagasaki Prefectural Office, and the Nagasaki City Tourist Information Center located at JR Nagasaki Station.



Nishiyama Shrine

Location: Nishiyama-machi 8-18, Nagasaki City / TEL: 095-823-1378() Access: A 10 min walk from the Suwa Shrine Tram or Bus Stop




At Nishiyama Shrine, the dainty winter cherry blossoms are still blooming on the trees that were planted in 1897. They bloom around New Year’s Day every year, so they’re also sometimes called “New Year’s Day Cherry Blossoms”.



The small, pale-pink flower petals look almost like a baby’s hand. These lovely blossoms are an early taste of spring!



Although there are many people who completed the stamp rally right at the start of the year, because it runs for 1 year, you can choose to do it quickly or take your time.




I’m taking it slow, so right now I’ve only been to two shrines…


With shrines that are famous for their sakura cherry blossoms and others that host festivals, such as the takengei fox performance, I’m going to enjoy visiting all these temples over the course of this year.


The rally is a hit with locals and tourists, both from Japan and overseas!




Nagasaki Eleven Shrines Stamp Rally

Inquiries: Matsumori Tenmangu Shrine 095-822-7079