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Konagai Oysters

11Jan 2019 tomocchi
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Hello, it’s Tomocchi!☆

Oysters: the taste of winter.

Every year during the oyster season, in Konagai Town in Isahaya City, on the border between Saga Prefecture and Nagasaki and near the Ariake Sea Coast, oyster huts line National Route 207.



Rich with the bounty of the Ariake Sea, Konagai Oysters are big and juicy! They’re incredibly delicious~\(^^)/




I wanted to taste the Konagai Oysters which are in season right now!!

So, I visited the Konagai Town Fisheries Co-operative’s Direct Sales Point.



Here you buy your oysters, etc. at the direct sales point and then grill the oysters yourself at the oyster grilling hut next door.




First, buy your oysters at the direct sales point.



There are sausages, vegetables, and rice balls too!


Once you’ve paid at the cashier, you’ll get a number. The usage fee for the oyster grills is ¥500 per grill.


※Charcoal, disposable chopsticks, plates and cotton gloves are included in the price.

※Please refrain from bringing in outside drinks.

※Oyster knives can be borrowed with a ¥100 deposit that is refunded when you return the knife.



With your purchases completed, move to the oyster grilling hut next door.

Give your number to the staff and they’ll show you to an oyster grill.



There are lots of seats and grills, and from the windows, there is a sweeping view of the Ariake Sea.




Next, it’s time to charcoal grill your oysters!

Lay the oysters with the flat side down and grill for 5 minutes. As the shells snap open, you simply have to keep enjoying the umami flavor of the oysters!!!

Big and juicy, the Konagai Oysters are just the best!!!




Squeeze on some lemon, and get them down while they’re hot!! Ah, they’re just too tasty….



Konagai Oysters are sterilized by allowing them to rest for 24 hours in seawater sterilized by UV light. So, you can have no qualms about eating them grilled, or even raw.



The oyster season is from around November to March.

Why not try the “Konagai Oysters”: in season now☆




【Konagai Town Fisheries Co-operative Direct Sales Point】

Address: Konagai Town Ogawaharaura 499, Isahaya City, Nagasaki Prefecture

TEL: 0957-34-2336

Official Website: Only)