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Superb Sasebo Champon – Kouran

12Dec 2018 tomocchi
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Hello, it’s Tomocchi! ☆

Once again this year the season for “99 Islands Oysters” has come around!


So, I went to Kouran near Sasebo Station, which I’ve alllways wanted to visit (!), to enjoy “Champon with 99 Islands Oysters”.




Located inside the Sasebo Station building, its inside the “Rokuten-dori” restaurant street, on the left-hand-side when looking from the main entrance of the station.




With more than 40 years of history, this long-established restaurant really has the familiar charm of years gone by.

Before the rebuilding of Sasebo Station, it seems the store was previously located under the Sasebo Bus Center.




They mostly serve the “Champon” and “Sara Udon” noodle dishes.



I added an extra raw egg (+ ¥50) as a topping to the “Nagsaki Champon (¥750).

During the autumn and winter months, they also use “99 Islands Oysters”!! (and lots of them!)



The noodles are thick and firm.

Although they’re small, the creaminess of the rich and plump “99 Islands Oysters” are just to die for!

With a soup rich in the umami from the oysters, this dish has a unique appeal that’s different from the champon served in Nagasaki City.



Towards the end, I mixed in the raw egg topping for a rich taste.

I’ll be sure to go again when I’m next in Sasebo!!

You’ve got me as a repeat customer!!



【Nagasaki Champon Kouran】

Address: 21-29 Miura-cho, Sasebo-shi, Nagasaki Prefecture 〒857-0863

Opening Hours: 10:30AM to 7:30PM (Not open every day)

TEL: 0956-24-5803