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Stroll Serenely on the Sky-Blue Sea: Trying SUP for the First Time

11Sep 2018 tomocchi
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Hello! It’s Tomochi☆

Summer means it’s time for marine sports!!

Why not give “SUP” at try at a beach near you?




◆SUP means…

SUP is short for “Stand Up Paddleboarding”.

Born in Hawaii, this water sport lets you have fun paddling around while standing on a board floating on the sea.

That’s why I visited the Yuki no Ura Seaside Park in Saikai City,

which has fantastic transport access from both Nagasaki AND Sasebo (just 1 hour by car from either city).



This time, I’m going to introduce ”SUP”, the much-talked-about marine sport you can try out at the Yuki on Ura Seaside Park.


“Oh, but I’ve never done a marine sport, and besides I don’t have any of the equipment…,” you might say. No problems!!

No special prep required – you can try it out in regular beachwear (swimsuit, sandals, a towel)♪




The reception desk is at

the Yuki no Ura Beach Store, a surf shop located in Ōseto Town, Saikai City, along National Route 202.

<Cost: Both SUP and Surfing cost ¥4000 each (about 2 hours, including rental)>



Once you’ve signed in, it’s time to Go! Go! to the Yuki no Ura Seaside Park!

The sun hits the water’s surface and makes it sparkle – it’s so beautiful!!

Yuki no Ura Seaside Park is enclosed by a bay, so the waves are relatively calm.




Yuki no Ura Seaside Park is well-equipped with toilets and coin-operated showers.



Listen to a lecture from your instructor

about how to stand and use the paddle, and then let’s paddle out into the blue sea!



Until you’re used to it, you might fall into the sea again and again,

but don’t worry: your instructor is there to help.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, even beginners will say

“Finally! I’m standing!!!”



Paddle right and left, and stroll smoothly on the sea♪



As you start to get the hang of it, SUP gets more and more fun.

If the sea and weather conditions are good, you may even be able to paddle into the Yuki no Ura River.

With fantastic access from both Nagasaki and Sasebo, why not enjoy SUP in Saikai?





Cost: Both SUP and Surfing cost ¥4000 (about 2 hours/incudes rental)

Period: Year-round (Depending on weather conditions, there may be days when the experience is not possible).

Contact info: Yuki no Ura Beach Store Phone: 090-8910-9001 (Mr./Ms. Kusahara)


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