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BIO PARK Baby Rush!!

13Aug 2018 tomocchi
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Hello! It’s Tomocchi ☆

“Right now, the Nagasaki BIO PARK is have a rush of babies!!”

… is what I heard, so I went right over to check it out.



If you’ve met me, you know I’m a complete capybara freak!

And so I have to talk about the baby capybaras first.



These capybara twins, one male and one female, were born on May 16th.




This baby is getting a big drink of milk from Ms. Zabon, the mother of the twins.




I think to myself about how they’re still babies, but they were munching away on these hard bamboo shoots.




Food gets these babies’ undivided attention.


Capybara babies can eat hard food, the same as a fully matured capybara might eat, right after they’re born!

They may be rodents but they have the cutest faces. It takes them about a year to grow to their full size.


When you stroke their fur, it’s as soft as a kitten’s!

With their tiny voices they make a “kyuru-kyuru” sound ♪




Suddenly, it started raining!

We took shelter with the capybaras.

Even though they’re skilled swimmers, they appear to not be the biggest fans of rain…



Fewer people visit the BIO PARK on rainy days, so this was our chance to spend some extra lazy time with the capybaras in their hut.

They also have benches for humans there, so it was quite comfy.




I got these excellent views of their cute butts and ears. I’m so happy ☆




Next, I’ll introduce Arumu the llama. He was born on May 26th.





When I put my finger near him he sucked on it like it was his mom’s breast ❤

It tickled but it was so cute!!



We gifted some vegetables to his lovely mother. I’m very glad she seemed to like them a lot.




The little guy poking his head out of the hole is a baby prairie dog.

Seven of them were born on May 10th.

Prairie dogs come out of their holes for the first time about a month after they’re born, and now it’s been about two months.

They grow exceptionally fast and reach adult size after only three months.



You can get food for the animals out of these capsule machines.

Definitely get some and get up close and personal with the critters!


Come out and see the babies while they’re still tiny!





Nagasaki BIO PARK

Address: Nakayama-gou 2291-1, Seihi-cho, Saikai City, Nagasaki Prefecture 851-3302

TEL: 0959-27-1090

Entry fee: Adults 1,700 yen, Junior-high school students 1,100 yen, Children 800 yen (There are group discounts)

Hours: Open daily, year-round. 10am – 5pm (last entry at 4pm)

PAW (petting area) Hours: 10:30am – 5pm (last entry at 4pm)  Entry fee: 500 yen per hour