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Night Walk Experience at Nagasaki’s Iojima

25Jul 2018 tomocchi
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Hello, it’s Tomocchi ☆

This spring, Iojima, the resort island in the sea south of Nagasaki City, was reborn!!



The rooms in the hotel were renewed of course, but the real attention grabber is the night fun! Island Lumina (アイランド ルミナ) is a night adventure that unfurls before you with lights and pictures using the island’s nature as the canvas.



This completely new style of attraction allows guests to experience a magical world created by digital art using the latest technology as they walk along a 1km gently sloping path through a forest.



Moment Factory (モーメント・ファクトリー) who produced this work, is one of the leading digital art groups in the world and have done production for world class acts like Cirque Du Soleil and Madonna!



I’ve been looking forward to this since long before it opened and I finally got to go ♪♪♪




The bus from central Nagasaki City takes about 45 minutes. Once you reach the island, you take the shuttle bus (pictured above) from the Island Lumina shuttle bus stop to the venue.




Drinks are allowed in the attraction. Make sure to get a drink at the café near the ticket gate and stay hydrated on your adventure.




They also have small bits like sausages and apple pie. Having a snack before going in is part of the fun.



We wait for the sun to go down, then in we go!!



Here is where you buy tickets (cash and credit are both accepted). If you buy your tickets more than three days in advance you get a 100yen discount.




The free, colorful face painting pens help get you pumped for your adventure. Even if you aren’t sure what to draw there are staff there to help you out. Once we were set, we snatched a snap at their picture corner.




Let’s go!!



From here the fantastical world beautifully spreads out before you. Everyone who takes part in Island Lumina goes on an adventure with a girl named Yura to find the sorcerer’s stone. While enjoying the sea, forest, and night sky of Iojima, guests are treated to a night adventure full of fun and excitement!! The course takes about an hour and has a few hills, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes.




These round stepping stones emit light and sound as you walk across them!! It feels strangely like you’re in water.




It really feels like you’ve gotten lost in a world of magic!! Enjoy the movie-like story with all five senses as you move along the course.




Make it through the gently sloping forest…



… And as I thought I could smell the ocean… suddenly we’re on the coast!


I love hearing the sound of small waves through the clear night air. And when I looked up, the night sky was so beautiful!! The whole atmosphere was so perfect that I wished I could just stay there forever.




Oh, did you get lost??

Get out your penlight and search for the correct path. (You’ll receive a penlight from the staff)

You can leave the path at any time you like if you don’t feel up to it. (The staff will lead you out)




Some lively noises come into earshot… we’ve come to the active experience corner! If you beat the taiko drums as fast as you can, a beam of light shoots out with a byooon! It’s you vs the dragon!!!




Not only for children, Island Lumina is a night attraction fit for adults too. The animations are beautiful and expertly executed. The high-level images are ahead of the pack, and I was constantly wondering what was waiting around the next corner.



After this, I definitely recommend taking a slow dip in the hot springs and then staying a night in one of the lovely rooms in the renewed hotel ♪




Night Attraction Island Lumina


Address: 1-3277-7 Iojima-machi, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture (inside i+Land Nagasaki)

Hours: From Sunset to 11:00pm (last admissions at 10:30pm). These times will fluctuate with the seasons.

Price: Age 18 and up: ¥2,400

Age 13-17: ¥1,800

Age 4-12: ¥1,500

Children under 4 are free.

The attraction occasionally closes due to inclement weather. Thank you for understanding.