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Captain Book : A Nagasaki Specialty Book Store

20Dec 2017 tomocchi
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Hello! It’s Tomocchi ☆


A comfy new space has just opened in the AllCore Nakadoori area near Spectacles Bridge in the center of Nagasaki City♪


Captain Book (a play on words for “Captain Hook”, which also works in Japanese^^), opened in August of this year and is a book store focused on Nagasaki. It carries the themes of “read, write, and talk.”



This bookstore delivers these three fun experiences.

  1. Read books related to Nagasaki
  2. Write your own history
  3. Talk at events about books.




Inside this cozy space are four carts (table spaces) made to look like ships where guests can read books at their leisure, write their own history, and enjoy the events that get put on. (If you look closely you can see the lovely way they modeled the ceiling and the tabled areas to look like the bottom of a ship!)




Retro Nagasaki woodblock print postcards



In the interest of their guests “learning and enjoying” Nagasaki, they also keep back issues of the quarterly magazine “Raku” which is essentially a photo collection of Nagasaki.




Also, guests are welcome to sit and read at their leisure the more than 400 books available that relate to Nagasaki. Of course they’re also for sale ^^ It’s quite a luxurious set up! The owner Ms. Kawara said that she wants her customers to “take the books in their hands and see and feel for themselves the texture and the weight of them.”




In the viewing area (which is where they keep the books that aren’t for sale), there was the Nagasaki Jige Jiten (or the Dictionary of the Nagasaki Dialect) which drew great attention not long ago. I saw plenty of other books related to Nagasaki that brought back so many memories!!




The chairs in the viewing areas are also shaped like yachts with their sails unfurled.


Sitting in a chair ordered from a specialist of luxurious boat furnishings, surrounded by all things “Nagasaki”, it’s as quiet as being inside a ship. Guests can soak in a feeling of being wrapped in happiness in this private space.



I really like that feeling of being holed up on the bottom bunk of a bunkbed. With the warm lighting and the comfy chairs, I don’t want to leave♪



Captain Book holds events about books and Nagasaki twice a month. Locals and out of towners alike can be found attending these fun events where they can speak freely with writers and editors.



More than just a bookstore, Captain Book feels like a community space built around books. I already can’t wait to go back





Captain Book

3-16 Furukawa-machi, Nagasaki City 850-0851 (Allcore Nakadoori)

TEL 095-895-9180/FAX 095-895-9181

Hours: Open year-round.

Weekdays 10:30am – 7:00pm, Weekends and Holidays 12:30pm – 6:00pm.

Facebook page: