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Obama Hot Springs

12Oct 2017 tomocchi
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Hello! It’s Tomocchi ☆



For this article I went to the Obama Hot Springs ♪
At around 30 different places around this beautiful hot spring area situated on the coast, more than 15,000 tons of water over with temperatures over 100 degrees Celsius springs forth every day. It’s said that such volume at that temperature is the most in all of Japan.




From Nagasaki Ekimae Terminal, Obama is only a 70-minute bus ride away (Obama – Unzen Express Bus).



Once we arrived in Obama, the first thing we did was visit the Obama Hot Springs Tourism Association across the street from the terminal. In addition to tourism maps and pamphlets, they also sold the 「湯めぐり札」 Yu-meguri-fuda



It’s a bargain at 1,300 yen! You get two entrances to private hot springs (like at hotels or ryokans) and two entrances to outdoor, public hot springs! (One person can use the card for 4 total entrances, or two people can use it for two entrances each)



This time I enjoyed two different hot springs, and on top of that I did some research on some delicious gourmet dishes and some popular sweets too ♪





◆ Open Air Bath on the Sea (Kaijou rotenburou) – Nami no Yu, Akane


Hours: 9:00am to 6:00pm (after 6:00pm it closes except for reservations)

It’s 300 yen to enter if you don’t have the Yu-Meguri-Fuda.



Our first stop was here. From here, beyond the sign looks like nothing but ocean, so let’s get a closer look!




Whoa!! It’s so expansive! (〃≧∀≦)

This is sea level!! This hot spring is built on top of wave-dissipating concrete blocks, and being in there truly makes you feel like you’re just part of the ocean. ヽ(*´∇`)ノ



I feel like I can float forever here ♪ (This spring has an abundance of salt so floating is easy)



During high tide, you can feel the mist from waves crashing below you. We went during the daytime, but I hear that seeing the sunset over the Tachibana Bay is breathtaking ♪

Note: The picture above is taken from the men’s side of the hot spring. We were given special permission because we were writing this article.




◆ Rose Gelato



It’s so refreshing to have some of this Rose Gelato after getting out of the hot spring ヽ(*´∇`)ノ Isn’t it just so photogenic? It’s so cold and colorful it just cools you right off.



For 500 yen you can have two flavors of ice cream. On the outside I had mango, and on the inside I had peach. The peach ice cream is made from peaches grown right here in Nagasaki and the flavor is amazing!



You can buy these and even eat-in at “Orange Gelato” near the Open Air Bath on the Sea.



After our ice cream it was time for lunch. Hm? Gelato before lunch? Well, you’re right that maybe we shouldn’t have… but we had just gotten out of the bath and we were hot!!




◆Kaisen Ichiba: Mushigamaya

After becoming “one with the ocean” at the open air hotspring on the sea, we went for lunch at the Kaisen Ichiba: Mushigamaya where they cook the freshest seafood with hot spring water and steam ♪




Look at the hot spring steam billowing (@o@ !!

There were 14 kamameshi pots waiting at the front of the store and it really got my appetite going ♪




Here’s a freshly steamed sea bream (around 900 yen) with a Shimabara Peninsula tomato (200 yen). This delicious and healthy meal is made possible through the hot spring steam bringing out the natural sweet and savory elements of the fish ♪ Just add a bit of ponzu and it’s ready to eat.




The “Jige-don” which is a selection of sashimi from the day’s catch is also quite popular. Today’s included golden cuttlefish, blackfin sea bass, Japanese sea bass, chicken grunt (still a fish), sardine, marlin, and vinegared mackerel! Look at the generous cuts of fish! It was so filling!




After lunch we took a leisurely walk around the hot spring town. On this road lined by a stone wall that felt full of history, this cat was lazily grooming himself.




◆Carbonated Spring (a cider-flavored hot spring)

This spring bubbles and sputters in the middle of a residential area.

I reached down to touch it and I couldn’t believe it! It was cold!!

This is the only cold spring in Obama, which is usually known for its hot springs. Back in the old days, this water used to be served to tourists as drinking water ☆ The original cider?




The next place we visited with our Yu-meguri-fuda is this:



◆Iseya Ryokan

Baths available from 1pm to 8pm (private baths available).

The regular price without the Yu-megiru-fuda is 800 yen per person.




After our walk around the town, we headed to the Iseya Ryokan, which has been in operation for 348 years, to enjoy their open-air baths ♪ The girl at the front desk had a lovely smile.




This is the men’s bath.



This is the women’s bath.

It was so relaxing to view the Tachibana bay with a breeze from Obama cooling us off. The Obama hot springs produce some of the hottest water in Japan at 105 degrees Celsius, and the water is a bit salty. This hot water warms you to the core, so you don’t have to worry about feeling chilly once you get out.

I sweat so much it felt like a detox ♪ It felt so good (*˘︶˘*).:*♡




◆Yukemuriya’s “Tennyo Taiyaki”



Look at these fishy fishies!! !!(゚Д゚ノ)ノ

After our second bath of the day we stopped by a nearby sweets shop to pick up some of these taiyaki with their sexy red lips, and then take a walk along the beachfront.


This unique sweet is part of legends that surround the Obama Hot Springs. These Tennyo Taiyaki are said to live in the clouds of steam that rise from the springs. The flavors include regular anko, white anko, custard, chocolate, sweet potato, and matcha. Even when they cool off they stay pleasantly soft and squishy! They also stretch as you bite and pull away from them!! They include collagen so they are particularly popular with ladies ☆ The popular sweet shop that sells them regularly appears on TV!




◆The Longest Footbath in Japan: Hotto Futto 105


This footbath stretches 105 meters along the boardwalk by the sea. It’s the longest one in all of Japan!! I heard that they made it this long in reference to the 105 degree water that the springs in Obama produce. It’s a great place to view the sunset ♪ There’s even a footbath for pets too!




Feeling the rejuvenating effects of the footbath~

Definitely check out Obama where both the springs and the gourmet are hot ♪