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Experience the Hills of Nagasaki on this New Bus Tour!

14Jul 2017 tomocchi
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Hello! It’s Tomocchi ☆



In just 2 hours and 20 minutes this new bus tour will show you not only the main sight-seeing spots, but also the hilly, off-the-beaten-path areas of Nagasaki. This service just began on April 1st this year!
I have to tell you that the bus for these tours is perfect in Nagasaki. This microbus can slip easily in and out of the tiny backstreets and give guests a taste of Nagasaki’s genuine locale. This is very new!!



The first half of the tour focuses on famous areas and the second half takes guests through the hilly areas.




The tour departs from Nagasaki station and first heads to the 333m tall landmark of Nagasaki: Mt. Inasa. There is a 10-minute break at the top of the mountain so that everyone can get pictures of the iconic, bowl-shaped landscape with the port in the center.



After that, this from-the-bus tour continues on to the Urakami area to see sites related to the atomic bombing and Nagasaki’s peace activities. (Specifically: Peace Park, Atomic Bomb Hypocenter, Urakami Cathedral, the one-legged torii of Sannou Shrine)



From Mt. Tateyama there is a spectacular view of Nagasaki Port and Megami Ohashi Bridge. You’ll descend towards the main part of the city, winding though roads amid the houses that fill the mountainside from top to bottom, which in itself is an iconic part of Nagasaki.




There will be another 10-minute break around Spectacles Bridge and the Ezaki bekko (tortoiseshell crafts) shop.

Spectacles Bridge is the first arched bridge constructed in Japan in the Edo Period. Doesn’t the reflection in the water look like a pair of glasses?





At the bekkou shop you can watch the craftsmen at work and also enjoy a little shopping on the side.




You’ll also be able to see Soufukuji Temple with its red gate that looks like it’s straight from Ryuuguuji (“dragon palace castle” from the Japanese fable Urashima Tarou). You’ll also pass Dejima, which was the only port in Japan open to the west during the Edo Period.





This is the Hollander (Dutch) Slope and it is overflowing with Western influences. The stone-paved road is narrow with all kinds of twists and turns. It’s like something out of a movie set!



These curves are crazy!! This tour takes you through some winding streets that most people wouldn’t dream of taking a bus down! It kept me on the edge of my seat!



Inside the bus there are audio guides available in four languages and the driver is extremely knowledgeable about the sights in Nagasaki. It turns out that she used to be a tour guide herself! She was full of information about the little intricacies of the city.



There are two tours a day. The first starts at 9:00am and the second at 1:00pm. The tour is 2 hours and 20 minutes long so it’s very easy to schedule your day around it.



They also recommend the audio guide service to their foreign guests. The languages available are: Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. There is also free Wi-Fi on the bus!



This short, 2 hour and 20 minute tour lets you experience the famous as well as the day-to-day parts of Nagasaki. Please check it out for yourself ☆





2 Hour 20 Minute Complete Nagasaki Bus Tour

Price:   Adults 2,800 yen (High-school age and up)

Children 2,300 yen (Middle-school age and under)

Children under 3 y/o are free (but must be kept in a guardian’s lap)

Schedule: Morning tour leaves at 9:00am, afternoon tour leaves at 1:00pm

Time: 2 hours and 20 minutes

Distance to be traveled: 35km

Capacity: 20 people (but the bus will only run if at least two people board)

Breaks: 10 minutes at the top of Mt. Inasa and 10 minutes at Spectacles Bridge


Route: Nagasaki Station – Site of the Martyrdom of the 26 Saints of Japan – Asahi Ohashi Bridge – Inasa Goshinji International Cemetery – Mt. Inasa (10 minute break) – Urakami River – Atomic Bomb Hypocenter – Peace Park – Nyoko-dou – Urakami Cathedral – Nagasaki University School of Medicine – One-legged torii at Sannou Shrine – Sakamoto International Cemetery – Mt. Tateyama – Suwa Shrine – Spectacles Bridge and Ezaki Bekko (10-minute break) – Soufukuji Temple – Shianbashi – Historic Japanese Restaurant Kagetsu – Tojin Yashiki (Former Chinese Quarters) and Minato Park – Hollander (Dutch) Slope – Higashi Yamate – Touhakkei – Atago – Dejima – Seaside Park – Nagasaki Station (Please note that, aside from Mt. Inasa and Spectacles Bridge, the tour will be conducted without exiting the bus)


For questions and to make reservations contact Nagasaki Bus Tours (095-856-5700)