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Nagasaki Oden Restaurant: Irifune

18Jan 2017 tomocchi
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Hello! It’s Tomocchi ☆

Recently it seems like the weather is getting a bit colder every day…

And it’s times like these that make me really want to eat oden.



Have you ever heard of “Nagasaki Oden”? Nagasaki Oden is a special kind of oden that uses kamaboko (steamed fish paste) made by the hardworking people of Nagasaki and broth made from ago or tobiuo (flying fish) which is also a local specialty product.




And with all that in mind, today I would like to introduce you to Irifune, a Nagasaki Oden restaurant in Nagasaki’s Shianbashi area.



As soon as you cross through the threshold, which is ornamented with all kinds of things from yesteryear, you’ll be greeted with the warmth of the simmering pots and the scent of that soul-warming oden  (´∀`*)



These oden are simmered to perfection and they all look so delicious!



The picture below is of the “yoi-yoi set” which is reserved for customers who arrive before 8pm. For a mere 1,000 yen you get a drink, three kinds of oden, and the side dish of the day ☆




Cheeeeers ♪

In my yoi-yoi set I got onion, konyaku, and an egg.



This clear ago broth is exquisite! Compared to your average oden, this had a lighter taste so the flavors of the ingredients themselves shined through.



The onion was sweet and tender from the inside out. The broth wonderfully permeated the konyaku despite how generously thick it was cut. The egg went excellently with the house-made yuzu-goshou.



The side-dish of the day, stewed winter melon, was sweet all the way through and I couldn’t help but ask for seconds! There were plenty of other foods as well that looked like they would nourish the soul.




And don’t let me forget that this whole restaurant feels like its straight out of the Showa Period \(◎o◎)/!!!

*The Showa Period was from 1926 to 1989.

Also, there is a collection of around 1,600 records decorating the walls!

If there is a song you like among those records the owner of the restaurant will play it if you ask him (´∀`*)



The picture above on the right is a ranking board from a certain popular music TV show from the Showa Period… but take a closer look! “#1 Daikon  #2 fried chicken”… it’s actually a menu! LOL!



The man sitting at the counter is on his third day in Nagasaki on a business trip. He said that he’s been coming to this restaurant every day! He commented that he finds the place relaxing. Aren’t restaurants that you can go to on your own so good?




On the second floor is a room that seats 28 and is available for parties! In addition to the records they also have old board games that you can enjoy!



This restaurant has existed since 1949 when the grandmother of the current owner, Mr. Kaneko, opened it as an izakaya (a style of Japanese bar). Mr. Kaneko took over the restaurant around three years ago.

It’s cold outside so why not come down and warm up your body with a little Nagasaki Oden? ☆





Nagasaki Oden Restaurant: Irifune
Address: 3-8 Motoshikkui-machi, Nagasaki City, 850-0901
TEL: 095-822-1070
5:30pm – 10:00pm
Closed: Sundays and Holidays