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The Shimabara Springs Group & the Todoroki Mountain Stream

25May 2016 tomocchi
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Hello! It’s Tomocchi ☆
This time around I’ll be introducing the charms of Todoroki Mountain Stream and the Shimabara Springs group which were both chosen by the Ministry of the Environment’s “One Hundred Famous Waters of Showa”!




◆ Shimabara Springs Group (Shimabara city) ◆


Shimabara: The land of pure water.

Shimabara’s Jouka-machi is blessed with over 50 springs that dot its landscape.



The Japanese style mansion named Yuusuiteien Shimeisou (Spring-water garden Shimeisou)was built in the late Meiji Period (around 1910) and is growing in popularity among tourists from all over. It is a registered Tangible Cultural Property of Japan. “The water looks so clear that the fish swimming in it look like they’re flying through the air!” was a comment recently made on the internet about the facilities.



Japanese Carp swim lazily in this pond which can boast of producing 1,000 tons of spring water daily.

Each of the four seasons bring unique changes to Shimeisou and it’s sure to become a spot that you’ll want to visit time and time again ☆





A great way to enjoy Shimabara is to stroll around tasting the water in the different springs that dot the Jouka-machi area. There’s even a spring in the middle of the main shopping area, if you can believe it!


The spring water is so clear and refreshing ヾ(o´∀`o)ノ Depending on the spring, the taste and composition of the water is different so I highly recommend tasting a bunch to compare them ♪



This is “kanzarashi,” a famous sweet made from the spring water here. The white balls of mochi float in this amber-colored sweet syrup are soft with just a hint of sweetness ❤


This is a delicious flavor that can only be found in the land of pure water: Shimabara.



Among these numerous springs, one stands out as being unmistakably integrated into the local’s lives: Hamanokawa Spring.



If you follow the winding roads towards the back of this small residential area, you may even be lucky enough to encounter a scene of children playing!
The Hamanokawa Spring community washing area has designated places for different washing activities. For instance, the farthest one upstream is reserved for consumption whereas the lowest one can be used for laundry. These rules have been handed down for many years and are still in effect here ☆



Why not visit Shimabara’s Jouka-machi with its famous and plentiful spring water where beautiful carp swim?




◆ Todoroki Mountain Stream (Isahaya city) ◆

The Todoroki mountain stream of Isahaya city connects around 30 waterfalls deep in the forests of Mt. Tara and boasts dynamic and beautiful views created by nature and accented with immaculately clear water.



The waters of the Todoroki Waterfall make a rushing sound as they plunge into the picturesque emerald green waters of its basin. Let’s take in some negative ions with a few deep breaths (´∀`) !



The water of the Todoroki mountain stream is exceptionally pure and clear and is naturally delicious. Many people travel long distances just to get a taste ♪



I also highly recommend listening to the sounds of the forest and its birds while trekking the surrounding area!


The Todoroki mountain stream, brimming with minus ions is a popular spot for outdoorsy types as well as people just looking for some relaxation. This place is sure to leave you refreshed and feeling great ヾ(o´∀`o)ノ






Address: 125 Ni-chome Shinmachi, Shimabara city

Admission: Free

Business Hours: 9:00~17:00

Closed: Open year-round




【Todoroki Mountain Stream】

Address: Zenjuji Oyama, Takaki-cho, Isahaya city

Open Hours: Open year-round