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“Ryugyu” Aquarium Bath at the Hirado Kaijyo Hotel☆

15Feb 2016 tomocchi
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Hello! It’s Tomocchi! ☆

Brrr, it’s still so cold outside, isn’t it?

It’s times like these that call for a rejuvenating trip to a hot spring☆

That’s why this time I want to introduce a unique hot spring bath that was just on a certain popular TV program.




Can you believe this?! There are fish swimming around the outside of this bath area!

It’s like bathing in an aquarium щ(゚▽゚щ)!!

Inside the water tank that hugs the circumference of the building swim giant turtles, sea bream, horse mackerel, and many other types of fish that live in the waters around Hirado.


This is the Hirado Kaijyo Hotel.

Inside is the “Ryugyu,” Aquarium Bath, which is named after an undersea palace of Japanese folklore.

Below ground surrounding the hotel is the aquarium, and on the inside are the baths.

In other words, the fish swim in circles around the bathing areas ヾ(●゚ⅴ゚)ノ

The bathing area is divided in half, one side for men and one side for women.

Such a unique design! щ(゚▽゚щ)



It’s so soothing to soak in a bath and watch the fish swim lazily by ❤



My heart jumped a bit when this keen-eyed giant turtle met my gaze.

They say that there’s a turtle here that’s over 30 years old!

So interesting!


They say that you’ll find true happiness if you see all five of the turtles that live in the aquarium.

I got caught up searching for the other four and ended up having quite a long bath (lol).

Bringing your family to the Ryugyu Aquarium Bath is sure to be a hit!

If you have the chance, please come and experience this unique combination of an aquarium and public bathing area ☆



Every room in the Hirado Kaijyo Hotel has an ocean view.

Visible from any room are the Hirado Strait, Hirado Ohashi (bridge), and Hirado Castle☆

The above picture is from the common area of room 417.

The classical atmosphere of the room is very relaxing.



This is a morning picture of the view from the room I stayed in, room 569.

This ferryboat commuting through the Hirado Strait wrapped in the morning mist let out long blasts from its steam whistle. The whole scene was so rustic, like something out of a classic movie❤



The natural hot springs that fill the Hirado Kaijyo Hotel’s “Ryugyu” Aquarium Bath also fills the bathing areas with views of the sea and even private outdoor baths too!

This picture is of one of the outdoor baths with a sea view.

Come spend a few lazy hours in this open bath and enjoy the view of Kuroko Island, which is a natural monument.


Next time you visit Hirado’s Joka-machi, which is teeming with history and romantic scenery, consider making some time for relaxation at the Hirado Kaijyo Hotel ☆


Hirado Kaijyo Hotel

Address: 2231-3 Okubo-machi, Hirado city, Nagasaki prefecture 〒859-5102

TEL:0950-22-3800  FAX:0950-23-2829