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Hayamegawa Teahouse and Gallery

10Sep 2015 tomocchi
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Hello! It’s me, Tomocchi☆
This time I’d like to introduce a relaxing shop in Nagasaki Prefecture’s Shimabara; a city of water springs and history.



In a shopping area near Shimabara Castle is Inohara’s Hardware Store (Inohara Kanamonoten) established 1877.




In the back of this store you’ll find the Hayamegawa Teahouse and Gallery.


If you have a little time while sight-seeing in Shimabara, I highly recommend this shop as a

place to take a rest and enjoy yourself.




Lunchtime is extra special when you can eat with a view of a lush green garden just after

a rainfall.


A family of Japanese pond turtles lives carefree in the garden pond. It’s said that those endangered critters can only live in the purest water. 



The “Ichijusansai” special set lunch (950 yen) is composed of seasonal ingredients from Shimabara and prepared with great care. The name means “one-soup and three-dishes” and brings to mind the idea of a balanced, wholesome meal. The menu rotates and there

are only 10 sets available per day.

Special care is taken to not over-peel the carrots or burdock root so that the nutrition in the

skin of the vegetables reaches the partaker.  



I found a whole pearl onion in my soup!

This lunch in which the genuine flavor of the ingredients can be fully enjoyed

revitalizes both body and soul☆



The menu also includes “Shimabara vegetable curry” (1,000 yen) among other delicious

and healthy fare that your body will delight in.





And of course the dessert is Shimabara’s famous “Kanzarashi” (450 yen)!

Small, sweet dumplings floating in simple syrup mixed with brown sugar makes for a treat

with a sweetness that’s smooth and nostalgic ❤





Near the shop entrance is a small, clear stream called “Hayamegawa.”

Many years ago, the shop owner Mr. Inohara turned an abundant natural spring into this

charming artificial river.



In the river live small crabs and killifish and in the summer you can even see the lights of

fireflies dancing on the water.



Everything on the menu of Hayamegawa Teahouse is made with this spring water.

It felt like the lunch made with this pure water would cleanse my body and soul (^-^)



Please stop by on your next trip to Shimabara♪






Hayamegawa Teahouse and Gallery

Address: (Inohara Kanamonoten) 912 Uenomachi, Shimabara City, Nagasaki Prefecture

Tel: 0957-62-3117

Open: 11:00〜18:00 (Last order at 17:30)

Closed: Every Wednesday and every third Thursday of the month.