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Find Unique Nagasaki Goods at Tatematsuru

20Mar 2015 yamaguchi
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Whether you are here for the first time on vacation, or have lived here a long time, there is somewhere I want you all to know about!!

Excellent atmosphere, impeccable taste… ♪

If this is what you want, look no further than Tatematsuru. This store, which sells original Nagasaki products, is my topic for today(^▽^)



This well-known store is slightly hidden away, but has built a firm fan-base of people who love its merchandise, and even among sightseers there are many repeat visitors!





The store is located close to the site of the Bugyousho, the Edo-era Nagasaki Magistrate’s Court. The name ‘Tatematsuru’ apparently comes from another reading of the first character of the word bugyousho. The meaning of the character is, approximately, ‘to offer’ or ‘to dedicate’.




The store is located in a renovated house that was originally built in 1953. The retro interior, with jazz music playing in the background, perfectly suits the uniquely Nagasaki-esque goods displayed for sale.




The store’s star product is the ‘TatemaTenu’, priced at 1,050 yen (plus sales tax). These original tenugui towels are decorated with designs inspired by Nagasaki’s scenery, history and important personages.







The store owner and his wife design the towels, and they are produced by another store which also makes the tenugui traditionally distributed during the Nagasaki Kunchi festival in fall.



The designs include Nagasaki’s trams, hydrangeas (the city flower) and famous scenes such as Megane-Bashi (Spectacles Bridge) and Glover Garden ♪



My top recommendation is this:
Castella cake-shaped chopstick rest (price ranges from 945 to 1,050 yen plus sales tax)(*^▽^*)





They are quite striking, and it’s easy to tell at one glance that this is a souvenir from Nagasaki, isn’t it!

There are lots of castella-themed items in Nagasaki, but you will find that most of them are shaped like a straight-on view of a whole cake or a slice.



That was, until this chopstick rest made its debut!

I think this design is a great idea – it looks just as though a freshly sliced castella loaf has found itself put to use as a chopstick rest!m(*- -*)m





What’s more, there are all kinds of varieties! The plain version is accompanied by a matcha green tea flavor and a chocolate one!

Its function is not limited to that of a chopstick rest – this cute item would make a charming decoration for any shelf or table ♪




And here is the owner’s favorite item:

TatemaGaaze (1,050 plus sales tax)





The gauze cloth is printed with a design named ‘All That Nagasaki’, which shows famous scenery and goods from Nagasaki.

The whole cloth is covered with little images of unmistakable Nagasaki features, from Spectacles Bridge to the Ropeway, from churches to castella, hydrangeas and more.




Through his own parenting experience, the store owner found how useful gauze towels were, offering a soft touch that’s kind to the skin, combined with outstanding water-absorbency. He decided to make something for the store using the gauze, and ended up with this hit product! (≧∇≦)




The towels come in 4 colors 




The great design makes it a fashionable addition to your life, suitable for many purposes! v(*’-^*)




Other than the few items picked out here, Tatematsuru sells all kinds of Nagasaki goods which cannot be bought elsewhere, including posters and postcards of old maps and woodblock prints of Nagasaki.(o≧▽゚)o




The store can be found just down the sloping Edo-machi shopping street, near the Prefectural Government Offices ☆
So why not take a look? (*゚▽゚)ノ”





Address: 2-19 Edo-machi, Nagasaki City
Tel: 095-827-2688
Open: 10:00 – 18:30
Closed: Tuesdays