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Ganbaranba Station

18Nov 2013 tomocchi
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Voting is under way for the best “yuru-chara” in Japan, on the website of the ”Yuru-chara Grand Prix 2013”. “Yuru-chara” are cartoon mascots that work hard across Japan to represent their home town, region or prefecture. (^^)/




15 yuru-chara from Nagasaki Prefecture are in the running this year, and among those battling for the prize are Ganba-kun and Ranba-chan, the mascots of the Nagasaki Ganbaranba National Sports Festival & National Sports Festival for People with Disabilities, which will be held in 2014. 



(Left: Ranba-chan; Right: Ganba-kun)




Their motif is the mandarin duck, the official bird of Nagasaki Prefecture ☆
When you put their names together, you get the word “ganbaranba”, which is the Nagasaki dialect equivalent of “ganbarou”, meaning roughly “go for it!” or “let’s do our best”♪




Ganba-kun and Ranba-chan are traveling all over the place, throwing themselves into their promotional work.

What’s more, an official shop has been set up to deal in Ganba-kun and Ranba-chan goods! It’s called “Ganbaranba Station”.



You can find it on the 4th floor of Amu Plaza, right next door to Nagasaki JR station.




I already knew about the themed polo-shirts and pin badges, but… wow! The range of goods is quite astounding!

There are lots of surprising things on sale. The full line-up consists of more than 70 items ♪



Ganba-kun’s face pops up everywhere! ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ
Soap: ¥210



Kintarou Ame is a kind of cylindrical candy made so that the same image appears wherever it is sliced. Now there is a Ganba-kun and Ranba-chan version!

Handmade candy: ¥400



Ganba-kun necktie: ¥1000



The organizers have thought of everything, even preparing understated designs which require a second look before you notice “… oh! It’s Ganba-kun!”♪



There are all kinds of shirts, from kidswear to nice soft-feeling t-shirts to long-sleeved shirts, and more.



This kids t-shirt (especially the print on the back) really caught my eye. I wonder if I can squeeze into the 150 size (*^m^*)
It’s… a… tight… fit…  


There are even handwritten comments posted by the staff next to the products. Almost without thinking, I found myself wanting to buy them!



(The comment in the photo reads: “Students, adults, everyone!! Use this cute clear-file to organize your papers, and you’re sure to get noticed”)



The most popular of all the multitude of items in the store is this:

The pin badge (¥210).



There are 47 different designs, showing Ganba-kun doing the various sports in the competition.


There is a huge variety, from Ganba-kun sailing a yacht, to Ganba-kun riding a horse.



This is my favourite ♪
It’s “triathlon Ganba-kun”!



The three Ganba-kuns look like a set of triplets! It’s pretty rare, so I bought it (^w^)



Only at Ganbaranba Station can you see so many Ganba-kun and Ranba-chan goods on display in one place!



Next time you pass through Nagasaki Station, make sure to drop by the Ganbaranba Station.



Ganbaranba Station
Address: 4th Floor, Amu Plaza Nagasaki, JR Nagasaki Station Building, 1-1 Onoue-machi, Nagasaki City
Tel: 095-807-0342
Opening hours: 10:00~21:00


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