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Spectacles Bridge Heart Stone

25Aug 2011 tomocchi
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The heart stone at Glover Garden in Nagasaki City:



“If you touch this stone & make a wish your love will come true”


…or so it is often said, a rumor that leads many to search for the heart stone when they visitGloverGarden.



In fact I myself was one of those who looked for the stone. I got really excited when I finally found it!



I’m one of those people who totally believes in these things.


Actually, there is another heart stone at a different famous tourist site in Nagasaki City……


Spectacles Bridge!!




You can see it from the above stairs.


See if you can find it.




Level One:


If you can find it in this picture you’ll definitely do well with matters romantic.




Level Two:


Maybe it’s a bit easier to find in this one.




Level Three:


If you can’t find it now you would loose all hope of ever successfully dating anyone…



You should go find it in real life though! Good luck!



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