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A “SWEET” clock tower appeared in Nagasaki city! Nagasaki Sugar Road

28Dec 2021 tomocchi


Hi! I’m Tomocchi.

When I drove the Nagasaki city center area, I happened to look up…the clock tower was there!

Moreover, taking a closer look, 12 illustrations of Nagasaki’s specialty sweets like Castella and Yoriyori on the clock face instead of numbers.

The theme of this clock tower is Japan Heritage “The Sugar Culture of Nagasaki Kaido ~The Sugar Road~”



It’s installed on the outer wall of Meiwa building at Chuou-Bashi(Bridge) intersection.

On the building owner’s request, Uchida Design Studio produced the clock tower.

Mr. Uchida (Designer) told,

“I wanted to make a clock tower that made everyone smile, and unique to Nagasaki”.



Starting from the top and clockwise,

0 o’clock : Momo castella (Peach shaped castella, a good luck cake for the Doll’s festival in March)

1 o’clock : Sonogi green tea

2 o’clock : Sheath cake

3 o’clock : Castella

4 o’clock : Mogi Biwa (a loquat grown in Mogi)

5 o’clock : Ikkokou

6 o’clock : Yoriyori

7 o’clock : Geppei

8 o’clock : Ariheitou (a colorful pea-sized sugar candy)

9 o’clock : Kuri Manju (Chestnut bun)

10 o’clock : Isahaya Okoshi (a sweet rice cracker )

11 o’clock : Omura Zushi (a layered and pressed sushi)


Sweets make us smile, because they have an effect to relax our brain.

They looks like too much sugar, though…

On 1 o’clock, we can take a break with Sonogi green tea, so I’m relieved.

Let’s have fun with this clock! “Well, now it’s 1:45…so I can say it’s Sonogi tea:Kuri Manju”.


Nagasaki Kaido-Sugar Road


In the Ed Era, Dejima, Nagasaki that only gate for foreign countries under the national isolation policy so that the sugar traveled all over Japan along the Nagasaki Kaido linked Nagasaki Deima and Kokura in Kitakyusyu in Fukuoka prefecture.

Nagasaki Kaido in known as “Sugar Road,” in the surrounding areas, the sweets using abundant amounts of sugar have been passed down to this day.

In Nagasaki prefecture, it is easy to find famous and delicious sweets like Castella, Momo Castella (Nagasaki city), Okoshi (Isahaya city), Omura Zushi (Omura city) and more!


Nagasaki = Sweetness =Delicious


In the Ed Era, almost all Japanese never ate sugar but  only Nagasaki was special.

In those days, the more close to Nagasaki, the more easy to get sugar, so the food culture of using plenty of sugar was developed and the image of “Nagasaki = Sweetness.” has become established.

Aside to that, in old Nagasaki dialect “Far from Nagasaki.” means “The dish isn’t sweet enough.”

Every time you pass by the Chuou-Bashi intersection, you will smile looking at “SWEET” Nagasaki Clock Tower!

“Hasami Tobako (porcelain box) Cookie”

30Nov 2021 tomocchi


The cookies in Hasami porcelain box has been a hot topic.

It’s called “Hasami Tobako Cookie”

It attracts nationwide attention because it won the “GOOD DESIGN AWARD” and “Nagasaki Design Award 2021”. What is the secret of?

It’s “The recycling-oriented society project.”

Reuse plaster mold of Hasami porcelain.

Hasami cho, Nagasaki is famous for pottery, also a farming town.

Used plaster mold is milled and utilized as a soil conditioner.(Recycle)

Making rice flour from rice grown there through the latest milling machine. Baked cookie from the rice powder mixed with local foods and it’s packed in Hasami porcelain box. It’s a new product and the best souvenir.


it is a stylishly packaged souvenir product packed in Hasami ware.


The gentle taste cookies were made by mothers in local.




At this time, mothers in Oniki Kako (processing) center bake cookies.

(Limited quantity is available.)


There are seven flavors like kinako (roasted soybean powder) and  green tea,  as well as special flavor with each season.


My favorite one is Conpra Bin cookie, as a history buff.


Conpra Bin(bottle) is a bottle that was made in Hasami, used to keep soy sauce or Sake to export to Europe from Dejima, Nagasaki that only gate for foreign countries under the national isolation policy in the Edo Era. The Conpra bottle-shaped cookie made us feel history of Hasami porcelain. Besides, it’s cute!


When I got this, there were pumpkin and carrot cookies as a seasonal flavor. Both of them were used ingredients grown in Hasami.


Pumpkin-shaped cookie that is featured “Boubura(pumpkin)Zuushi” which is a local cuisine in Hasami, boiled pumpkin (fall is pumpkin season in Japan) with rice. Maple leaf-shaped cookie with carrot grown in Hasami kneaded in.


Both of them make us feel the fall of Hasami.


If you eat that, the gentle sweetness bursts in your mouth. You will have a peaceful moment.


How do you use stylish “Tobako”(porcelain box)?



Think about how do you use the box after you have finished cookies is a large part of the fun.

It is stackable and space-saving, so I’m sure you want to get in different colors. (There are six patterns and colors.)

Every product has unique texture, appearance and uneven coloring because they’re handmade.

It’s also great as a gift.

Congratulations on winning two awards

The other day, it won “Nagasaki Design Award”  for
package evaluation


Also it won “GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2021”, the category of initiative and activity for region, evaluated for promoting a community business by producing this product to sublimate plaster-recycling issue.



The recycling-oriented society project’s product (Rice flour cookie in a porcelain box) [Hasami Tobako Cookie]


【Nagasaki Design Award 2021】

Gold prize

Where can I buy?




【Price】3,520yen (tax included)

width(diameter) about 109mm, height(up to the lid) about 74mm


Buy it online or at Hasami-cho tourist association.

Limited quantity is available because it is homemade cookie by mothers in Hasami, so it’s high in scarcity value!

According to Mr. Sato from tourist association, all products were sold out every week, and have been on back order in online shop.

(as of October 25, 2021)


◆Hasami tourist association (in the same building as Togei no Yakata, Ceramics Hall)

(2255-2, Iseki-gou Hasami-cho, Higasisonogi-gun, Nagasaki ,859-3711  )

It goes on sale every Saturdays, 9am.


(Excluding shipping charges )

It goes on sale every Saturdays, 9am.



(General Incorporated Association) Hasami tourist association

2255-2 Iseki gou Hasami cho, Higasisonogi gun, Nagasaki ,859-3711

Let me introduce about the specialty of Goto island, “Kankoro mochi”.I’ll tell you about how to make it, where you can eat fresh-baked one and how to buy it online.

29Oct 2021 tomocchi


Hello! I am Tomocchi.

Everyone loves it!!  The specialty of Goto island is  “Kankoro mochi” , a sweet made from steamed sweet potatoes.

Bake it until the skin is slightly burnt, it is crunchy outside and chewy inside.
It tastes gently sweet.

When I eat very hot one, I feel happy.  It makes me smile naturally♪


I am generally admitted to be a “Kankoro mochi freak” and I’ll introduce how to make it, where you can eat fresh-baked one and how to buy it online.

( Every time  I go to Goto island, I buy about 10 packs of Kankoro mochi.  I keep them in a freezer and I eat it one by one… )


The birth secret story 〜Kankoro Culture Christian Brought 〜


By the way, the birth of Kankoro mochi has a surprising history.
“Kankoro” is the dialect of Goto island.    The ingredient “Kankoro” is a sweet potato slice which is boiled and sun dried.


Originally, it was made as a preserved food.


Now, it is said that Christian people brought “Kankoro mochi” known as the specialty
of Goto island.   In Edo period, they escaped from Christian persecutions of Omura
domain and came to Goto island from Sotome area in Nagasaki prefecture.  The food
culture has been inherited up to the present along their footprints in Goto island.


Hand making experience


The left  is  the ingredient, “Kankoro”.

There are the pictures which I experienced “Kankoro mochi making” in Goto city in 2018.
It is a slice of sweet potato which is boiled and sun dried.  It’s very solid!

The right is “Kankoro mochi”, ready to eat.


Soak a hard dried “Kankoro”, add sticky rice and steam in a basket steamer.

After steaming, pound with an electric mochi pounding machine to make it smooth.



Form the shape of Kankoro mochi.

Kankoro mochi added purple sweet potatoes.

Also, Kankoro mochi with Japanese mug wort called Yomogi and plain kankoro mochi.



Add rice powder and put it in the wooden frame of the shape of sea cucumber.
Then it’s ready.

Freshly made “Kankoro mochi” is very delicious because it’s soft and  slightly warm!!!

The recommended shop where you can eat fresh baked “Kankoro mochi”.



The cafe where you can bake and eat kankoro mochi by yourself  with a old portable clay cooking stove called Shichirin.This is a fashionable and instagrammable (photogenic)shop.  It is in “Goto”,  a store that specializes in local products,  located in Fukue island, Goto city.

There is a unique menu such as “Osezaki todai(Lighthouse) parfait”inspired by GoTo island.

You can also buy it online.   Free shipping!

The 3rd Nagasaki Yokamon campaign is being held!

You want to eat “Kankoro mochi”, don’t you?!

Each company’s kankoro mochi is lined up in the website of selling local products in Nagasaki prefecture!!


“Nagasaki Kankoro mochi” picture book & leaflet (written by Nagasaki prefecture in 2018)

To know more about Kankoro mochi, I’ll recommend the picture book & leaflet
“Nana to Kankoro mochi” by Kae Nishimura, the writer living in Nagasaki prefecture.

You can see it on the website of Nagasaki prefecture.

Also, she interviewed about Kankoro mochi in Goto island for about 20 times.

Last month ( August, 2021) , she published the picture book,”Kankoro Mochi to Kyokai
no Shima”, meaning “The Island of Kankoro Mochi and Churches”. It is a hot topic right now.




Kankoro mochi season has arrived!!!  The best way to eat Kankoro mochi.

Between autumn and winter, the best season is coming when  you can enjoy eating very hot “kankoro mochi”.

Kankoro mochi is delicious when I just cut and bake it but if I put butter on it,
it’s more delicious!!

(That’s because I can’t lose weight…)


The aroma of melted butter is spreading around and it makes me feel so happy!!

Baked until the skin is slightly burnt, let’s enjoy eating very hot one!


Fukui Cave Museum

30Sep 2021 tomocchi


Travel into the Paleolithic/Jomon period!

I went to Fukui Cave Museum which was opened in April, 2021 in Sasebo city. Sasebo city has the most number of cave ruins in Japan.

Fukui Cave Museum is the best place to learn about Fukui Cave while having fun, the ruin shows the change from Paleolithic period to Jomon period.



This museum is complex with Yoshii branch of Sasebo City Hall and Yoshii Area Community Center.

The building has just completed!

Taking a step inside,  a diorama of the excavation site of Fukui cave (actual see!)  welcomes you.



Introduced changing of Fukui cave over several tens of thousands of years by very beautiful, impressive images and sounds.

First of all, watch a five-minute summary video. Then it’s about time to take a tour!

Look all things thoroughly no matter how it’s small. There are so many treasures here and there.



‘ The moment I stepped into the entrance, I was surprised to find there were displayed national important cultural property.

Way more than I expected….

A row of national important properties!

“National Treasures” are displayed generously.

This is a hunting tool which was made 19,000 years ago!
Sparkle and beautifully sharp graver!


excavated from 13th layer/ the first trench


There are about 400 pieces of stoneware and earthenware.(included national important cultural property)



This is a strip tearing off from actual stratum of Fukui cave.

From looking at this, you can feel and see the flow of the tens of thousand years.

The cosplay photo shooting with Naumann elephant!



Taking funny photos feeling like Paleolithic and Jomon people.(Free)

On the left clothes is made of Ezo Deer’s fur.(Hokkaido Sika Deer)

It’s heavy, feel so real.

On the right clothes is made of hemp for children and men. Why don’t you take a family photo for memories of the trip?


Experience of making a fire, knitting in ancient times and making Magatama (comma-shaped beads). (※Reservation required)
I thought it was hard to understand about ascent times, but I could feel a sense of romance because of understandable display with illustrations and videos.


Well, after learning at the museum, let’s explore the cave!



If you come by public transportation like MR Matsuura train, I suggest trying “Bicycle Rental Service.”

A power assisted bicycle makes you easy to ride on a bumpy road.

It takes about 20min, 4km to Fukui cave.


Around this area, there are some good tourist spots like “Senryuu Falls”(feel cool and refreshing), Ohashi Kannon”(famous as autumn leaves) and “Gozou pond”(drawing attention as photogenic spot).


Exploring Nagasaki with Open-Top bus “Sora-Kaze”!

31Aug 2021 tomocchi


Why don’t you look around Nagasaki  by Open-Top bus while feeling the breeze and clear sky?

The first Open-Top Bus “Sora-Kaze Bus” in Nagasaki prefecture was launched in Nagasaki city from July 22nd.

Let me introduce this amazing tour!



Hop abroad at Dejima Omote-Mon (Main gate).

The expert guide gives you fascinating information.



You can see Nagasaki’s distinct landscape from Mt. Inasa trail.



The breeze feels great!

Pass through Megami Ohashi bridge, cable-stayed bridge, looking out Nagasaki Port on both sides.



‘Look up in the sky, the colossal comes into your eyes!

It is breathtaking!



And now, off the bridge, you can see the back of a pier.

It’s just like “Megami Ohashi bridge, Should See It from the Side or the Bottom?” …to made a parody of a famous Japanese movie, “Fireworks, Should See It from the Side or the Bottom?”



The bus is open top and well ventilated.

When it begins to rain, the hood covers the top, so sudden weather change is never a problem.

There’ no better way to tour Nagasaki than with this open-top bus tour.

Grand Opening promotion now! (until the end of September)