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Port Hoorn Nagasaki has Opened!

17Jun 2016 tomocchi


Hello! It’s Tomocchi ☆

A theme park reproduction of a Dutch street has been created out of a part of the former Nagasaki Holland Village and opened on April 16th as “Port Hoorn Nagasaki”!!

Allow me to show you around♪





Entrance to Port Hoorn Nagasaki is completely free!

This new “village” has something for everyone with its 20 shops and stores which include places to relax, places to do activities, souvenir shops, and shops that sell local foods!








At Restaurante Hoorn guests can enjoy a bounty of delicious local seafood prepared in a blending of Japanese and Western styles.

There you can find the Bouillabaisse with Fan Lobster (bottom left, \3,200), the Sakurazaka Hoorn Rice Bowl Dinner set (bottom center, \2,500), the Soymilk-base hotpot with sumptuous sashimi (bottom right, \4,000), and many other dishes that sing the local flavors of Saikai.





Hmm? Those three boys… What are they looking at over there? Let’s go through this arch and check it out!





On the other side of the arch is Bloemen dam Square, a line of casual dining shops along this stretch of water. In this open area you can barbeque seafood with a great view of the ocean♪

My favorite shop is this one:






It’s called “Yukiura Panini, Shuuichirou”.

Paninis from Italian cafes have become so popular lately and I love the ones they have here! The adorable image on the sandwich wrapper looks just like the owner of the shop who studied his craft in Milano. He even has dishes that include wild boar!





I’m feeling a little hungry… I think I’ll have one of these rich, creamy ice cream cones (\500) from “Fruit Café”. They are planning on adding more and more options to their menu that feature fruit from Saikai!







Now that my tummy is full it’s shopping time ♪

At this shop you can get everything from souvenirs from Saikai and around the prefecture to cheese, wine, and sausage from the Netherlands ヽ(´▽`)/





In the background of this gorgeous townscape is photography studio☆

It’s ¥2,980 per session and comes with one photo.

But that’s not all! You also get to keep the dress you wear in the photo!

Isn’t that an amazing deal!?

They seem perfect for children’s piano recitals and other events like that. Please take a look!





You can also safely enjoy sea-kayaking on the calm waves of the Omura Bay.

Guests are also free to travel about the park on rental Segways and bicycles.

(Sea Kayak rental: ¥1,000 / Segway rental ¥1,000 per half-hour)





The Nagasaki Biopark, where guests can interact with all kinds of cute animals, is only a 10 minute drive away. There is even a free shuttle bus that runs between Port Hoorn and the Biopark. Don’t miss your chance to meet some capybaras! (The shuttle runs three times a day)



Port Hoorn Nagasaki is a place where you can in turn sight-see, eat, play, learn, and relax.

Entrance is free, Wi-Fi is free, and pets are allowed!

Consider taking a trip out to Port Hoorn Nagasaki soon and take advantage of the beautiful weather ☆






Port Hoorn Nagasaki


Address: 1683-4 Jikibago, Seihi-cho, Saikai city, Nagasaki Prefecture 851-3305

TEL:0959-27-0209 / FAX:0959-27-0219

Homepage http://www.phn.jp/

Please give us a “like” on Facebook and stay connected https://www.facebook.com/porthoorn/





Matsushima – Japan’s Smallest Park

20May 2013 tomocchi

Did you know that the smallest park in Japan can be found right here in Nagasaki Prefecture?



Matsushima is about 10 minutes by boat from Seto Port, Ohsetocho, Saikai City.



The circumference of this peaceful island is just 16km, and although there are cars, there are no traffic lights.



From the Taisho era (1912-1926) to the Showa Era (1926-1989), the island flourished thanks to the coal-mining industry. Even now, relics of the coal-mining era can still be found.



And this is Japan’s smallest park!



The park is located on the western side of the island.


There is a fence around the park, which contains a wooden bench for 3 people and a palm tree.



The park is about 5 meters square and I covered the distance from the entrance to the exit in about 8 paces! (^^;)



Some people might wonder if a space this small can really be called a park, but apparently, the definition of a park is simply that it has a bench and a tree.
(If pushed, I’m afraid I can’t answer any better than that!)


Anyhow, this park has magnificent scenery that would beat any other, larger park!!



Unfortunately, it was hazy on the day I visited, but the park usually offers a superb view over the Goto-nada Sea.



A view of the vast ocean from the tiny park
At twilight, watching the sun sink below the horizon, I had the view all to myself (*´∇`*)



I think that anyone viewing this wonderful scene from the smallest park in Japan would be deeply moved!!



Why not take a boat excursion and drop by this special place? (^▽^)/



↓Information for boats to Matsushima




Enquiries: NPO Saikai City Tourist Association


Tel: 0959-37-5833


View 日本一小さな公園 in a larger map