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Kimono Rental Salon “Kimono Hoppen”

20Apr 2016 tomocchi

Hello! It’s Tomocchi ☆




Antique kimonos are a perfect match for Nagasaki’s exotic nature.

Situated in the main area of Nagasaki city among specialty restaurants and shops “Kimono Hoppen” opened on February 1st!




This salon, which exclusively rents kimonos, is sister-store to “Nagasaki Kagamiya” which is popular among foreign tourists as a guesthouse that also rents kimonos.





“Welcome!” (o´∀`o)ノ



The lady with the lovely smile is the okami, or store proprietress, Ichihara Yukari.

This vivacious lady quit her job at an event company and put her wide travel experience to use by opening a guesthouse and kimono rental store with her husband.




“Whether it be everyday sightseeing or a date with a special someone, I want to make our guests’ occasions just a little more memorable with these unique ‘Nagasaki style’ antique kimono♪”





Let’s take a look at these kimonos!

As we open the sliding stain glass door…






Whoa… ❤  ❤  ❤





Look at all these antique kimonos!!!





These are casual kimonos meant more for everyday-use.

They also have an abundance of cute hair ornaments ☆ They even have kimonos for men!

All undergarments are included in the rental price so don’t worry about bringing anything with you.




The casual kimonos are perfect for sightseeing and dates!

They can add something special to any occasion ヾ(●゚ⅴ゚)ノ




Also popular at Kimono Hoppen is their “photo tour” where an in-house photographer will go around and take pictures with you and up to three of your friends (12,000 yen, excluding tax).




  • These photos are from 2 years ago when I did the photo tour from Nagasaki Kagamiya during the Nagasaki Lantern Festival.





Lantern Festival at Nagasaki Shinchi Chinatown (photo: Toyokazu Kuwahara)






Lantern Festival at Spectacles Bridge (Photo: Ayako Kitamura)






Coming from the Hamanomachi area towards Soufukuji (picture above), you’ll find Kimono Hoppen among some other very fashionable shops on Soufukuji-doori.

Kimono Hoppen will be on the right side of the street on the third floor.




Why not make your date or your day of sightseeing extra special by wearing one of these modern, yet retro, Nagasaki kimonos? ☆






【Kimono Hoppen】



Nagasaki-ken, Nagasaki-shi, Kajiyamachi, 6-25 Amity Soufukuji-doori 3F


Hours:10:00~19:00 (Last call at 18:00)





◆ Kimono Rental

Everyday Kimono 5,000 yen (excluding tax) / Antique Kimono 10,000 yen (excluding tax)

◆ Photo Tour

Up to 4 people per group, 12,000 yen (excluding tax)




City Stroll Information Desk “Motenashiya” and a stylish café have opened near Spectacles Bridge

18Dec 2015 tomocchi




Hello☆  It’s Tomocchi!

Two shops recently opened one after the other near Nagasaki’s iconic Spectacles Bridge. They are the City Stroll Information Desk & Nagasaki Select Souvenir Shop “Motenashiya” and Café “Bridge” & Chocolate House “Spectacle” ☆

Already, these shops are excitedly talked about as spots that are spreading information about the city’s tourism.



City Stroll Information Desk and Nagasaki Select Souvenir Shop “Motenashiya





Elegant Nagasaki souvenirs are stylishly arrayed inside this modern, Japanese style building inspired by traditional houses in Nagasaki city.


They have an abundance of utensils, hand towels, and spirits made in the prefecture which promise to make your everyday life just a little more fashionable ♪





Here are some dishes for small appetizers that double as chopstick rests with a Hata (a traditional Nagasaki kite) motif.

Don’t these sorts of designs seem so modern? ^^



There’s also a tourism pamphlet corner as well as a free rest area that anyone is welcome to bring food or drink into. So, next time you’re out strolling in the city please stop by and take a break ♪




City Stroll Information Desk “Motenashiya

Address:Nogami Building 1st Floor, 2-24 Uono-machi, Nagasaki city
TEL: 095-895-5171
Hours:Open year round from 10:00am to 7:00pm.

There is a parking lot nearby.





Café “Bridge” & Chocolate House “Spectacle”


After picking out some Nagasaki Souvenirs at “Motenashiya” make sure to step over to Café “Bridge” & Chocolate House “Spectacle” which also recently opened.





This time I’m having Eggs Benedict shaped like a pair of glasses and some of Nagasaki’s traditional “Banzai Cider”(´∀`*)
The egg is perfectly poached!

You can choose between rice and bread for the base of your Eggs Benedict and I got one of each ☆彡



The inside of the shop is great but on nice days I recommend sitting on the terrace where you can enjoy the breeze that the Nakashima River brings.

Ahh, what a fun lunch I had.





I was delighted to find children playing on the stepping stones below Spectacles Bridge ヽ(*´∀`)ノ





In the attached specialty Chocolate shop were chocolates with attractive designs, some of which were made popular by Nagasaki’s Kunchi Festival like Ja-odori (“Dragon Dance”), Yakei (“Nightscape”), and Hata (a traditional Nagasaki kite).

These would make great gifts!





Café “Bridge” & Chocolate House “Spectacle”

Address:Miyama Building 1st Floor, 7-17 Uono-machi, Nagasaki city
TEL: 095-895-5071
Hours:Open year round from 11:00am to 9:00pm.
There is a parking lot nearby.

Homepage: http://spectaclebridge.jp/




These are two shops that I recommend with confidence.

When you come sightseeing, won’t you drop by to see them for yourself?






Ichiba-Don at the Tsukimachi Market, Nagasaki’s Kitchen

11Aug 2015 tomocchi


Somewhere in downtown Nagasaki, a long line of people are queuing for lunch…

What are they here for?



The answer is ‘Ichiba-Don’ – this foodie event is held at lunchtime on every first and third Friday, in Tsukimachi Market (inside Meruka Tsukimachi), rightly known as the ‘kitchen’ of Nagasaki.





Sea bream, horse mackerel, octopus…

Here you can take your pick from seafood freshly caught in the waters of Nagasaki, and arrange them as a topping for your own rice bowl (donburi).

For between ¥500 and ¥1000, you can prepare a rice bowl fit for a king!



There is even free coffee and tea! (*≧∀≦*)




First, pay ¥100 and receive a bowl of nicely-cooked rice.

Then, buy whatever you want from the stalls in the market and lay it on the rice.



All 22 stores in the market participate in the Ichiba-Don scheme, so you can buy not only fish but also steak, fruit, side dishes, and much more. (´∀`)



This store is selling packs of sashimi (sliced raw fish) contained 4 or 5 slices, for just ¥110!



Homemade miso soup with horse-mackerel paste is just ¥80!

This cheap and tasty combo sells out in an instant!!



Watermelon production is booming in Nagasaki.

How about getting a sweet-looking one for dessert? ♪ 1 pack is ¥200.



The Ichiba-Don event started in October 2010.

At first, most of the customers were workers from nearby offices, but over time, word spread, popularity increased, and these days you can find many diners from outside of Nagasaki Prefecture or even from overseas!




Of course, it’s fine to go to Ichiba-Don on your own, but I recommend going with a friend or several, buying lots of things, and sharing! (^-^)





Ichiba-Don is held every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, from 11:30 to 14:00.

Put it in your diary, adjust your schedule, and get yourself to Ichiba-Don for a delicious lunchtime experience!! ☆





Ichiba-Don at Meruka Tsukimachi
Dates: 1st and 3rd Fridays, every month
Times: 11:30 – 14:00
Place: Tsukimachi Market, B1 floor, Meruka Tsukimachi
Enquiries: Nagasaki Tsukimachi Market Cooperative
Address: 3-18 Tsukimachi, Nagasaki City
Tel: 095-824-5751



Find Unique Nagasaki Goods at Tatematsuru

20Mar 2015 yamaguchi

Whether you are here for the first time on vacation, or have lived here a long time, there is somewhere I want you all to know about!!

Excellent atmosphere, impeccable taste… ♪

If this is what you want, look no further than Tatematsuru. This store, which sells original Nagasaki products, is my topic for today(^▽^)



This well-known store is slightly hidden away, but has built a firm fan-base of people who love its merchandise, and even among sightseers there are many repeat visitors!





The store is located close to the site of the Bugyousho, the Edo-era Nagasaki Magistrate’s Court. The name ‘Tatematsuru’ apparently comes from another reading of the first character of the word bugyousho. The meaning of the character is, approximately, ‘to offer’ or ‘to dedicate’.




The store is located in a renovated house that was originally built in 1953. The retro interior, with jazz music playing in the background, perfectly suits the uniquely Nagasaki-esque goods displayed for sale.




The store’s star product is the ‘TatemaTenu’, priced at 1,050 yen (plus sales tax). These original tenugui towels are decorated with designs inspired by Nagasaki’s scenery, history and important personages.







The store owner and his wife design the towels, and they are produced by another store which also makes the tenugui traditionally distributed during the Nagasaki Kunchi festival in fall.



The designs include Nagasaki’s trams, hydrangeas (the city flower) and famous scenes such as Megane-Bashi (Spectacles Bridge) and Glover Garden ♪



My top recommendation is this:
Castella cake-shaped chopstick rest (price ranges from 945 to 1,050 yen plus sales tax)(*^▽^*)





They are quite striking, and it’s easy to tell at one glance that this is a souvenir from Nagasaki, isn’t it!

There are lots of castella-themed items in Nagasaki, but you will find that most of them are shaped like a straight-on view of a whole cake or a slice.



That was, until this chopstick rest made its debut!

I think this design is a great idea – it looks just as though a freshly sliced castella loaf has found itself put to use as a chopstick rest!m(*- -*)m





What’s more, there are all kinds of varieties! The plain version is accompanied by a matcha green tea flavor and a chocolate one!

Its function is not limited to that of a chopstick rest – this cute item would make a charming decoration for any shelf or table ♪




And here is the owner’s favorite item:

TatemaGaaze (1,050 plus sales tax)





The gauze cloth is printed with a design named ‘All That Nagasaki’, which shows famous scenery and goods from Nagasaki.

The whole cloth is covered with little images of unmistakable Nagasaki features, from Spectacles Bridge to the Ropeway, from churches to castella, hydrangeas and more.




Through his own parenting experience, the store owner found how useful gauze towels were, offering a soft touch that’s kind to the skin, combined with outstanding water-absorbency. He decided to make something for the store using the gauze, and ended up with this hit product! (≧∇≦)




The towels come in 4 colors 




The great design makes it a fashionable addition to your life, suitable for many purposes! v(*’-^*)




Other than the few items picked out here, Tatematsuru sells all kinds of Nagasaki goods which cannot be bought elsewhere, including posters and postcards of old maps and woodblock prints of Nagasaki.(o≧▽゚)o




The store can be found just down the sloping Edo-machi shopping street, near the Prefectural Government Offices ☆
So why not take a look? (*゚▽゚)ノ”





Address: 2-19 Edo-machi, Nagasaki City
Tel: 095-827-2688
Open: 10:00 – 18:30
Closed: Tuesdays

Website: http://www5.cncm.ne.jp/~tatematsuru-net/






Nagayo Sweets

17Dec 2014 tomocchi

  The other day I went looking for a Christmas cake… not really! I had just heard the buzz that there were some sweet treats worth checking out, and ventured over to Nagayo  (^▽^)/ 



  A:one Cake Shop (pronounced like A-1)



  This popular confectioner in Nagayo offers a huge range of tasty delights, from fresh cream cakes to baked goods. 


Once I had a basket in my hand, I couldn’t stop myself from picking out delicious-looking cakes, one after another.



  A first venture into the world of confectionary was held in Nagayo in 2012, with the ‘Nagayo Sweets Festa 2012’. The festival includes a confectionary contest designed to find some new souvenir sweets for Nagayo Town.



The products which passed the strict scrutiny of the judging panel and won the contest then underwent a year of product development to reach commercialization.


The first product to go on sale is sold by A:one.



Nagayo Mandarin Orange Chocolate Cake: ¥180 each




  One of Nagayo’s noted local products is the mikan, a mandarin orange.

The town even has a mikan-like mascot character called ‘Mikkun’.



  The chocolate cake’s special recipe includes mikan orange peel and orange sauce.

The chocolate used in the cake was brought specially from France, having been carefully selected by the chef, who needed a chocolate that would go well with the mikan.



  Orange peel and chocolate is not an unusual combination, but I don’t believe I have ever seen mikan and chocolate.

You can catch glimpses of the mikan peel in amongst the moist velvety chocolate cake.



Here is another sweet spot in Nagayo: ‘Waltz no Mori Hisaya’




  The shop sells both Japanese and Western sweets, so one visit is doubly delicious ♪

The range of goods on offer includes Nagayo specialities in Japanese and Western styles!



Left: Cheese tart ‘Mikkun no Okurimono’ (‘a gift from Mikkun’): ¥227 each

Right: ‘Mikan no Machi’ Japanese sweet: ¥175 each



  At first glance I thought that the cheese tart would have a strong cheesy flavour, but in fact the flavour of the mikan stands out clearly, in excellent balance with the cheese ♪

In contrast to oranges, mikans are much less sour, and very easy to eat (^-^)




  The ‘Mikan no Machi’ (‘mikan town’) has a gentle sweetness, and leaves a pleasantly fragrant orangey aftertaste. This Japanese sweet is appealing not only in appearance but also in flavour.




  Mikan oranges can be eaten as they are, but why not try them in a new and stylish way with these Nagayo mikan sweets? 






A:one Cake Shop

Address: 435 Urerigou, NagayoTown

Opening hours: 9:30 – 19:00

Closed: Tuesdays



Waltz no Mori Hisaya

Address: 460-1 Urerigou, NagayoTown

Opening hours: 9:00 – 20:00

Closed: No scheduled day