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The winners of DEJIMA NETWORK Photo Contest “My Best Shot in NAGASAKI” is announced!

10Feb 2016 Nagasaki-Ken

出島ネットワーク写真コンテスト~My Best Shot in NAGASAKI~の



The winners of DEJIMA NETWORK Photo Contest “My Best Shot in NAGASAKI” is announced!


出岛网摄影比赛~My Best Shot in NAGASAKI~获奖者公布了!


데지마 네트워크 사진 콘테스트~My Best Shot in NAGASAKI~ 입상자를 발표합니다!!







       An overnight stay for two to Unzen (1 pair)










     A package of Nagasaki Beef valued around 10,000 yen ( for 3 contestants )



















                       A prize pack of Nagasaki goods( for 5 contestants )






























We are holding a photo contest: “My Best Shot in NAGASAKI”!

10Dec 2015 Nagasaki-Ken






This contest is for any foreign people with connections to Nagasaki Prefecture! The theme is

“My Best Shot in NAGASAKI”

Please submit a picture of something special to you in Nagasaki, be it a shot of a tourist spot, a personal favorite location, a nature scene, a festival, or event! We can’t wait to see how you display the charms of Nagasaki in your photographs!

We have some amazing prizes for our winners!

Grand Prize: An overnight stay for two to Unzen.  

Second Prize: A package of Nagasaki Beef valued around 10,000 yen (for 3 contestants). 

Third Prize: A prize pack of Nagasaki goods (for 5 contestants).



Entry Qualifications:


Current members of the Dejima Network (becoming a member at the time of submission is fine).

 This contest is open only to foreign people with a connection to Nagasaki (i.e. people without Japanese citizenship). Thank you for understanding.  



How To Apply:


Ⅰ[Member Registration]

 To participate in the contest, you must be a member of the Dejima Network website.(If you are already a member, proceed to step II.)

NB: If you are not a member, sign up to NAGASAKI VISITORS’ BOOK.



 There are two ways to apply. Please use one of them.


(1) Facebook

Submit your photographs via facebook messenger to the DEJIMA NETWORK Facebook page along with its title and a brief comment about why you chose the picture. If, during the proceedings of the contest, you wish to be called by a name other than the one on your facebook page please inform us (nicknames are okay!).




(2) Email

Submit your photographs as an attachment by email to the Dejima Network email address. In the subject line, please write ‘Photo contest submission’. In the body of the email, please write your name (or desired nickname), the title of the photo, and a brief comment about why you chose the picture.

NB: If you submit your picture by email, please send it as a JPEG file under 2MB.



Submission Deadline:


January 25th, 2016



Judging and Results Announcement:


  • ● After an impartial judging, winners will be announced on the website.
  • ● Winners will also be notified individually by email. Please register your most frequently checked email address. 




  • ● Both color and black-and-white photos are eligible.
  • ● Submissions should be the applicant’s original work, having been taken in Nagasaki Prefecture, and should not have been submitted before.
  • ● Contestants may submit up to three photographs each.
  • ● Composite and/or manipulated images will not be accepted.
  • ● We place no restriction on the types of devices by which the submitted photographs must be taken.
  • ● Please be considerate of the privacy and image usage rights of the subjects of your image (people and buildings, etc.). If a person is the main subject of your photograph please obtain their permission before submitting it. We will take no responsibility for any trouble regarding any personal privacy or image use rights violations.
  • ● All contestants will retain the copyright of their work. However, Dejima Network will receive the right to use each submitted work.
  • ● While it is possible to enter the contest from abroad, prizes will only be sent to addresses within Japan. Thank you for your understanding. 


Publication of Submitted Works:


  • ● All of the received works will be uploaded to the Dejima Network site in the order they were received. They will be posted along with their submitted titles, comments, and the entrant’s name.
  • ● The suitability of any given submission (as it concerns the above guidelines as well as other considerations) will be judged and decided by the Dejima Network. Any work declared unsuitable will no longer be eligible for the contest. 


About the Grand Prize:


  • ● The expenses for the Grand Prize (transport and lodging costs) will be covered by the Nagasaki Prefecture International Affairs Division. All other costs will be the responsibility of the winners. Thank you for your understanding.
  • ● If the winners of the contest live outside of Nagasaki Prefecture, they must provide their own transport to Nagasaki. Transportation costs to Unzen will only be covered from starting points within the prefecture.  


Enquiries:  Please direct all questions and concerns to the Nagasaki Prefectural Government International Affairs Division at dejima@pref.nagasaki.lg.jp.