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Free Beginner Japanese Course in Omura!

17Sep 2014 Kai

Every year, Omura offers a beginner course in Japanese so new foreign residents of Nagasaki can get a good start here in Japan.

(the course is free BUT there is a one-time fee of ¥500 for handouts and copies… 10 lessons for 500 yen, it’s almost free!)

Beginner Japanese Language Class

Mondays; 19:00-20:30; Omura General Welfare Center

First Term: September 22 to December 15 (no class on Japanese holidays)

Volunteer Japanese Tutoring

A group of friendly Japanese native speakers want to help you with improving your Japanese skills! Intermediate and Advanced learners

No Cost. Please bring your own study materials.

Every Thursday, 19:30-21:00; Omura General Welfare Center

Address: Omura-shi Sanjo-machi 8

男女(だんじょ)共同(きょうどう)参画(さんかく)推進(すいしん)センター(せんたー) 大村市(おおむらし)三城(さんじょう)町(まち)8


Please contact Omura MiraiZukuri KabushikiGaisha for registration and questions!

International Relations Support Desk

Omura City Hall  0957-53-4111 (215)

A Big Hello from Omura!!

16Sep 2014 Kai

Dear Readers of the Dejima Network,

My name is Kai and I have lived in Omura, Nagasaki since August 2006. I fell in love with Nagasaki and its people and decided that this would be a great place to build my life. From today, I will be your Omura correspondent bringing you information about the city and its history, as well as activities that will be held in our Big Village!

I am very excited to be a part of this website! I look forward to reading your posts/comments… and learning even more about this amazing Prefecture!

If you have any questions or comments about Omura and/or my writings, Please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail at  . You can also find me on facebook at .

Have a great day, Nagasaki Residents!

Omura Kai


Hirado Bus & Ferry Terminal

28Apr 2014 hiradorem

 Hello! Here is another report from Hirado, in the north of Nagasaki Prefecture.



 Those of you who have been to Hirado have probably been to the Bus & Ferry Terminal in Hirado Harbour. Since old days this has been the place where the ships would arrive in Hirado. After the Hirado Bridge was built, the ferries from Tabira stopped their service but there are still ferries leaving here for the northern islands of Azuchi-Oshima and Takushima.  When Hirado Bridge opened it has also become the terminus for busses going to Hirado.



 The old bus & ferry terminal was a rather uninspiring concrete block from the sixties. Especially on rainy days it would look drab and was not a good first impression for such a historical town as Hirado. Last year the old building was torn down and a new building was put in place which opened this April. The new building is build in a similar Japanese style like the old houses of Sakigata neighbourhood which is right in front of the terminal. It is bright and pleasant.



 More importantly is now also houses not only the transport offices and ticket booths, it also has a tourist information office as well as the desk for the Volunteer Tour Guides. They are local people that can show you around Hirado on foot in 2 hours for just 1500 yen, no matter with how many people you are!



 There is also free wifi available and there are a few computers that you can use. Also if you are in town for the day, there are lockers to leave your bags. The toilets are nice and modern and there are tables and chairs to take a break. There is also a large amount of pamphlets and brochures available.



So on your next visit to Hirado, it is a good place to start from when you want to discover the sites of Hirado!



Happoutei (八峰亭), a Japanese-style ramen restaurant in Taiwan.

28Feb 2014 teddykao0604




Hello! How are you doing? Today, I would like to introduce to you something interesting about a ramen restaurant in Taiwan. This ramen restaurant, located in TainanCity, has a good reputation in Taiwan. However, that is not the point that I want to talk about. The interesting thing about this restaurant is that the boss has limited himself to cook just 80 dishes of ramen per day. This quota means that there is always a long line in front of the store.



Furthermore, the trade hours of the restaurant total just 6 hours: 3 hours for lunchtime, and the others for dinnertime. Also, the ramen has a really great taste. It’s pretty yummy! The spring onions and plenty of garlic go wonderfully with the pork-bone broth. Sounds good, doesn’t it? You may be wondering, “Is there any part of this report that is related to Nagasaki?”. I will say ”yes”. The Taiwanese boss has learnt his ramen cooking skills from a Japanese chef who is from Nagasaki, adding a Nagasaki “character” to the ramen. :) So, if you get the opportunity, how about trying some ramen in Taiwan? I’m sure you’ll find the food interesting, especially the Taiwanese style which is similar to Japanese but also different :)





28Feb 2014 teddykao0604

Hi, everyone! Today, I want to tell you about a place in Japan where there is a hot spring with a great view. As you can see in the photos below, the sea is right beside you when you enjoy this hot spring bath. Before you read on, can you guess where it is in Japan? Have you already got it? The answer is Nagasaki! Let me give you some more information. Actually the hot spring is on an island off NagasakiCity, called Ioujima in Japanese. There were no tunnels or bridges to connect the island with Nagasaki proper until 3 years ago, when a bridge was built.  The Ioujima Hotel offers a shuttle bus from there to Nagasaki Station, so it is getting more convenient to take a hot springs tour on Ioujima than ever before ;). So why not spend your next holiday at Ioujima? You won’t regret it 😉