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Omura International Plaza is OPEN!!

25Apr 2015 Kai

On January 24, 2015, Omura City opened an International Plaza to increase global awareness in our community. Omura city has a population of 93,921 people and 273 of these people are foreign residents. Out of the 273 foreign residents, 24 countries are represented; including Bangladesh, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, Nepal, the Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, France, Germany, Norway, Romania, England, South Africa, Barbados, Canada, Jamaica, United States, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand! Such an array of people with huge amounts of culture to share with the Nagasaki community! It is my hope to bring all these people together through events and cultural learning programs.


by 満井義万


For our opening event, we invited people from different countries to join in a cultural Mash-Up concert! It was a lot of fun for the audience as well as the performers! Please check it out!


The Omura International Plaza (大村市国際交流プラザ) is a free space. We are here to provide a community service to promote internationalization.


There are tables and chairs for students to do homework. And if you need some help with your English study, I am always happy to work with you.

If you have questions about traveling abroad, we will discuss with you and try to answer all your questions. We can even check out online websites for tours and travel plans.


Would you like to study or live abroad? Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to begin that process. We can help you research schools, accomodation (homestays), money, etc. to help you find the best options for what you want to achieve while abroad.


Do you want to practice your English? I love chatting with many different people, so you are more than welcome to come and just talk.


We also want to support the local non-Japanese residents. If you have questions about your Japanese life, don’t hesitate to call us or stop by and visit!



In the Plaza, there are many books to use to study and to learn about Japanese and other countries’ culture. There are also childrens pictures books in English, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese. I would like to collect many more languages!


We also try to create fun and educational events for both Japanese and Non-Japanese residents. I hope to see you all at some of our mixers! The most popular are Global Classroom and World Kitchen! We have a lot of special events coming up in May and June, so make sure to check our website and facebook page!


And sometimes we have English storybook readings when kids come and visit!


We are thinking of new amenities for the surrounding areas everyday!


Please check out our webpage and Facebook page for past and future events!!

Please like our Facebook page and spread the International Love!


Koyo High School Sushi Contest in Omura!

31Oct 2014 Kai

  On Thursday, October 30, at Koyo High School, the annual Sushi Contest was held. Though it is only the fourth time for this event, it has accumulated great reputation within the Japan culinary world. Renowned chefs from various areas of Japan come to judge the students’ sushi-making ability. There are ten groups of 3 or 4 young cooks from Koyo High School’s second-grade class that compete for the ultimate status of itamae (a term used for a sushi master).




*It takes many years of learning and apprenticeship to become a true itamae.



  In the first round, each group creates a morizushi for 5 people. A morizushi is simply a platter of sushi for any given amount of people. The young chefs have only 30 minutes to create a highly elaborate display of different styles of sushi. These works of art are comprised of nigirizushi (raw fish on top of a small elongated ball of rice), saikumaki (specially designed rolled sushi), makizushi (rolled sushi), gari (pickled ginger), and baran (leaves cut into decorations, baran kazari-giri). After the alotted time, the groups bring their sushi-oke (the dish in which the sushi is served) to the front and a group of judges rank each creation on execution and final appearance.





  During the second round, each group opens for business as a demise (food stand). The groups have prepared all the necessities to serve exceptional sushi: shari (vinegared rice), neta (fish or other toppings), namida (wasabi) and yakumi (other sushi condiments such as chopped ginger, green onions, and grated daikon). To receive high marks during the evaluation, they must show their ablity in handling the ingredients, knife and other utensil skills, kitchen agility, customer service and, of course, taste.





  In the end, all teams performed outstandingly… and I was extremely full!




Omura City, Matsubara Knives and Sickles

29Sep 2014 Kai


Matsubara Knives and Sickles are a common household item for many Omura and Nagasaki Citizens. Their sharpness and durability is also a common fact! However, Matsubara Gama history is far from common. Matsubara forging methods have been passed down by the Taira Clan for about 800 years. It is the oldest industry in this area. In their 500 year history, they have evolved to meet the needs of our ever changing world from making Samurai weapons to farming equipment to everyday kitchen knives. My favorite fact about their knives is that all are hand-made meaning no two blades are alike! Amazing.



Like Matsubara knives, I want Omura to be equally sharp. I want to see our shopping areas lined with unique stylish shops. I want Omura to be progressive in not only academic education, but also multicultural and artistic development. And I want Omura to be cutting edge in technology and travel. Our Omura is already a wonderful place, but we must work together as a community to adapt to the current times in order to bring this city to full potential! I want Omura to be a city like no other!





Huis Ten Bosch

24Sep 2014 shamoji

Huis Ten Boschは楽しかった。家族の良い思いでとなりました。有り難うございました。

Our family was able to enjoy Huis Ten Bosch. Thank you for the good memories!



Come Try OmuraZushi!

17Sep 2014 Kai

OmuraZushi has always been a favorite of mine. Its perfect balance of sweet and salty has me addicted! Whether I am having a house party, relaxing at home by myself or going on a drive, OmuraZushi is always satisfying.

OmuraZushi is made from simple elements that build into something beautiful. The vinegar rice is the foundation (命). Sugar is the sweet kindness deserved by all. Carrots and Gobo root stability in our journey forward. The modest appearance yet deep flavors of shiitake and kanpyo show inner strength and morals. Like a kimono, delicate strips of egg reveal our personality and taste. Vibrant hanpen celebrates our unique attributes.

Like a perfect symphony, OmuraZushi comes together and forms a well-rounded expression of harmony.