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The Nagasaki International Festival!

11Nov 2016 Will Morgan
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Hey everyone!


I hope things are going well with you! This weekend ended the crazy-busy month of October and it was punctuated by the Nagasaki International Festival! The JET Programme of Nagasaki was given a whole floor to show off our international-ness and provide a way for ALTs to get involved with real grassroots internationalization. It was a big success I think! We had five culture booths, a stage area for lots of different games and activities from all over the world, and a “JET Cafe” area where people could sit and practice their English with our volunteers. Here are two of the culture booths:




On the top is the Australia booth where they had two grown men in Koala and Kangaroo pajamas with lots of other stuffed animals to take pictures with. Protip: Japanese guests love photo booths. The Hawaii Cultural Booth headed by Michael was a place for kids to make their own leis out of yarn and construction paper. Notice the kid with the mask on the right. People, even small children, wear masks when they’re sick to try to prevent spreading their germs. It’s not to keep from getting sick, but to keep your germs to yourself.


My role in our floor was the planning beforehand and making sure things went smoothly on the day of. That meant I got to involve myself where ever I wanted to ^^ You can see me below doing some juggling and banging a small Chinese drum in a Chinese version of musical chairs. Two years teaching in elementary school taught me that if there’s anything kids don’t like, it’s losing. Luckily, only one kid cried, haha.




The guy with me on the left is Matt, who also happens to be from Virginia! Almas ran the juggling portion with him and also helped out with the Hawaii booth.

Here’s a picture of a super cute high-five she got from a satisfied guest.




Grassroots internationalization. Boom.