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Omura City, Matsubara Knives and Sickles

29Sep 2014 Kai
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Matsubara Knives and Sickles are a common household item for many Omura and Nagasaki Citizens. Their sharpness and durability is also a common fact! However, Matsubara Gama history is far from common. Matsubara forging methods have been passed down by the Taira Clan for about 800 years. It is the oldest industry in this area. In their 500 year history, they have evolved to meet the needs of our ever changing world from making Samurai weapons to farming equipment to everyday kitchen knives. My favorite fact about their knives is that all are hand-made meaning no two blades are alike! Amazing.



Like Matsubara knives, I want Omura to be equally sharp. I want to see our shopping areas lined with unique stylish shops. I want Omura to be progressive in not only academic education, but also multicultural and artistic development. And I want Omura to be cutting edge in technology and travel. Our Omura is already a wonderful place, but we must work together as a community to adapt to the current times in order to bring this city to full potential! I want Omura to be a city like no other!