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Free Beginner Japanese Course in Omura!

17Sep 2014 Kai
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Every year, Omura offers a beginner course in Japanese so new foreign residents of Nagasaki can get a good start here in Japan.

(the course is free BUT there is a one-time fee of ¥500 for handouts and copies… 10 lessons for 500 yen, it’s almost free!)

Beginner Japanese Language Class

Mondays; 19:00-20:30; Omura General Welfare Center

First Term: September 22 to December 15 (no class on Japanese holidays)

Volunteer Japanese Tutoring

A group of friendly Japanese native speakers want to help you with improving your Japanese skills! Intermediate and Advanced learners

No Cost. Please bring your own study materials.

Every Thursday, 19:30-21:00; Omura General Welfare Center

Address: Omura-shi Sanjo-machi 8

男女(だんじょ)共同(きょうどう)参画(さんかく)推進(すいしん)センター(せんたー) 大村市(おおむらし)三城(さんじょう)町(まち)8


Please contact Omura MiraiZukuri KabushikiGaisha for registration and questions!

International Relations Support Desk

Omura City Hall  0957-53-4111 (215)


  • pia wrote:

    • Hello! Is this project still on-going in Omura?

    • 2015/04/24 at 22:10
    • Kai wrote:

      • Good morning! I’m sorry… the 2014/2015 class finished at the end of March. The next beginner class will start in the autumn. I will put updates about Japanese language classes in Omura on the Dejima Network as I hear about them. However, the free Japanese language tutoring night is on-going. If you have questions about that, please contact me at . Have a good day 🙂

      • 2015/04/25 at 10:31