We are holding a photo contest: Yokane! Nagasaki.

30Jun 2014 Nagasaki-Ken
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 We are holding a photo contest aimed at non-Japanese people connected to Nagasaki Prefecture! The theme is

 “Yokane! Nagasaki”.

 ‘Yokane’ is a Nagasaki dialect word meaning ‘that’s great!’ (or ‘iine’ in regular Japanese). 

When you tell your family or friends about Nagasaki, what kinds of places or things would you show them, to make them say ‘yokane!’? We’d love to receive photographs which show the best of your Nagasaki. We look forward to all your applications!



We have some amazing prizes for our winners!

  • Yokane Prize: A trip for two to Goto (1 pair)  
  • Tanoshii Prize: Admission tickets for Huis Ten Bosch (3 pairs)
  • Oishii Prize: Nagasaki beef worth \5000 (for 5 people)



How To Apply
I [Member Registration]

To participate in the contest, you must be a member of the Dejima Network website. If you are already a member, proceed to step II.

※If you are not a member, sign up to NAGASAKI VISITORS’ BOOK.

Please note that only non-Japanese people (i.e. those who do not hold Japanese citizenship) with a connection to Nagasaki Prefecture can participate in this contest. Thank you for your understanding.

II [Application]
 There are 2 ways to apply. Please use one of them.

(1) Submit your photographs by posting the photograph, along with its title and a brief comment about why you chose the picture on the DEJIMA NETWORK Facebook page.


(2) Submit your photographs as an attachment by email to the Dejima Network email address ( In the subject line, please write ‘Photo contest submission’. In the body of the email, please write the title of the photo and a brief comment about why you chose the picture.           


Submission Deadline  

8th August 2014 (Fri)



Judging and Results Announcement

After strict judging, winners will be announced on the website.




  • ○ Both colour and black-and-white photos are fine.
  • ○ Submissions should be the applicant’s original work and should not have been submitted before.
  • ○ Do not submit composite and/or manipulated images.
  • ○ Please be considerate of the privacy and image usage rights of the subjects of your image (people and buildings, etc.). If a person is the main subject of your photograph then please obtain their permission before submission. 

<About Yokane Prize>

  • ● This tour is arrived at Nagasaki Airport and we will cover the cost of two-way air tickets,accommodation and bus tour of Goto.Food expenses and so on will be the responsibility of the prizewinner.
  • ● If the participant and/or the companion live outside of Nagasaki Prefecture, they must bear the transport costs as far as Nagasaki.



Asian & International Policy Division, Nagasaki Prefectural Government(




  • jgarrott wrote:

    • Are multiple submissions allowed? Is there a file size limit for submissions?

    • 2014/07/12 at 09:43
  • Nagasaki-Ken wrote:

    • @jgarrott
      Thank you for your message!!:)
      There is no submission limit. Each entrant can submit as many photos
      as they like.
      There is no limit to file size, except that you need to be able to
      submit it by email.
      We look forward to receiving your entries!

    • 2014/07/14 at 11:18