Useful Information for Living in Nagasaki

5. Gas Supply

18Nov 2011 Nagasaki-Ken
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Getting connected to a gas supplier


Depending on your location, gas is either supplied through pipes (city gas) or delivered in propane gas cylinders (LP). Different gas appliances are needed for the two different types.



To connect to the gas network, contact the local gas company with your move-in date. An engineer will turn on your gas meter, inspect your equipment and explain how to use it. Propane gas (LP) is also widely used. Contact your local gas supplier to arrange to be connected and ask for an inspection. Ask your landlord or real estate agent for the local supplier’s contact information.


See ‘Reference Material 2’ for a list of city gas suppliers in Nagasaki Prefecture.



Paying your gas bills


Gas bills, like electrical bills, are based on the amount used each month. Payments can be debited from a convenience store, a bank account or paid at any financial institution.





Inform the gas company four or five days before moving out of your accommodation. An engineer will visit to turn off the supply and settle the outstanding bill.



Gas leaks


Chemicals are added to gas to make it easy to smell in the event of a leak. If you smell a gas leak, turn off the gas immediately and open the windows. Do not use naked flames or any electrical equipment until all traces of the gas have disappeared.



If gas is used in a confined space for a long period of time, incomplete combustion may occur and lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. If you notice any irregularities with your gas supply, contact your gas company or local supplier’s 24-hour number immediately to have your supply and equipment tested.