Useful Information for Living in Nagasaki

Useful Emergency Numbers & Phrases

18Nov 2011 Nagasaki-Ken
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① Tasukete kudasai.

② Jiko desu, kite kudasai.

③ Dorobou desu, kite kudasai.

①      Please help me.②      There has been an accident, please come.

③      There’s been a theft, please come.




and Fire Department

① Kaji desu, kite kudasai.

② Kyūbyō desu, kite kudasai.

③ Kega desu, kite kudasai

①      There’s a fire, please come!②      I’m (Someone is) ill, please come.

③      I’m (Someone is) injured, please come.



Useful expressions ①      Watashino namae wa○○desu.②      Denwa bangou wa ○○desu.

③      Basho wa ○○ desu.

①      My name is ○○.②      My phone no is ○○.

③      I am at ○○.


If you do not speak Japanese, you may need to get someone nearby, who speaks Japanese to make the call for you.



NTT Emergency Messaging Service 171

NTT’s emergency messaging service 171 activates when an earthquake of intensity 6 or higher occurs. Use this number to leave voice messages for others to access, or to check on the safety of family and friends.



Broadband Online Emergency Messaging Board for Disasters

This is a messaging system where text, voice and images can be recorded and viewed.