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18Nov 2011 Nagasaki-Ken
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Useful Tourist websites


This website has lots of information about daily living, medical facilities, tourist sites and organizations inNagasakiPrefecture.


Official website of Nagasaki Prefectural Tourism Federation. All tourist spots, history, events and lodging places of individual towns are listed. Links to other sites as well as information in English, Chinese and Korean are also provided.


The website promotes tourist sites and accommodation inNagasakicity. Download an English pamphlet at this address:



<< Major Festivals in Nagasaki Prefecture >>

Month Event Place
February NagasakiLantern Festival NagasakiCity
May Hasami Ceramics Festival HasamiTown
  IronmanJapanTriathlon Gotō Nagasaki GotōCity
July NagasakiMinato Festival, Peiron Boat Race NagasakiCity
August TsushimaAriran Festival TsushimaCity
  Anniversary ofNagasakiAtomic Bombing NagasakiCity
  Shōrōnagashi (All Souls Festival) Nagasaki, Sasebo & Shimabara
October NagasakiKunchi NagasakiCity
November YOSAKOISaseboFestival SaseboCity
December Shimabara Fantasia ShimabaraCity