Useful Information for Living in Nagasaki

3.Culture Classes / Sports Groups

18Nov 2011 Nagasaki-Ken
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Foreign residents who can communicate in Japanese and would like to increase communication with local citizens through culture or sport can try the following:



  • NBCAcademy(many different cultural classes)    

             Tel: 095-826-3111.


  • NHKNagasakiCulturalCenter(many different cultural classes)

             Tel: 095-818-7021.


  • NagasakiKenminUniversity(classes in many areas)

              (Manabi Net)


  • Kendō (Japanese Fencing)NagasakiKendo Association    Tel: 095-826-5220


  • Aikidō (Japanese Weaponless Self Defense) Aiki Manseidō Dōjō    Tel: 095-826-4491


  • Jūdō (Japanese Art of Self Defense)NagasakiJūdō Association    Tel: 095-861-7980


  • Ichijūkai (Classical Japanese Dance) NagaiStudentsCenter    Tel: 095-844-6872



Culture Classes in Nagasaki City



  • Ikebana (flower arranging), Ceramics & Tea Ceremony.    Tel: 095-892-7453 (Terashi-sensei)


  • Koto (Japanese harp)IkutaryūSeihaSoukyokuSchool    Tel: 095-826-1053 (Shinohara-sensei)


  • Tea Ceremony.UrasenkeSchool    Tel: 095-878-6207 (Sonoda-sensei)



Note: Other classes (known as public or citizens lectures) are available at your local kouminkan (community hall). For more information, enquire at your local community hall.