Useful Information for Living in Nagasaki

2. Public Transport

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Streetcar (Nagasaki City only)


You can travel anywhere on a streetcar for a standard fee of ¥100. Board the streetcar through the rear door and alight through the front door after dropping your fare in the box next to the driver’s seat.



* You can only transfer streetcars at Tsuki-machi tram stop. Place your fare in the driver’s collection box and then ask for a transfer ticket (norikae-ken).



A packet of 11 tickets (kaisu-ken) can be purchased from the driver for ¥1000. Cheaper commuter passes (specific route and term of validity) are also available for commuting students and workers. For more information, contact Nagasaki Electric Tramway on or Tel: 095-845-4113.





Board and alight from buses at the designated bus stops. Like streetcars, get on at the back and off at the front. Make sure you take a ticket from the dispenser when you board the bus. When you get off the bus, match the number on your ticket to the fare indicated on the display board then pay accordingly.



Nagasaki Smart Card (NSC)


The NSC is an IC card which doubles as a commuter ticket and a coupon ticket. You pay for fares automatically by swiping the card on a special reader when getting on and off the bus. The card can be used as a commuter ticket for six bus companies in the prefecture and you can also top up the money on the card. It makes paying convenient and you also receive discounts and points every time you top your card up. For more information, contact your nearest bus company.



Trains (JR and other Train Companies)


All information regarding train timetables and fares can be accessed at the respective companies’ homepage. Tickets for short distance travel are available at vending machines from every station. For long distance travel on JR trains, buy special and reserved tickets at the green counter (midori no madoguchi) of a JR station.



JR Kyūshū Website (also in English and Korean)

For ticket reservations and enquiries, contact:

JRKyūshūTicketReservationCenter. Tel: 095-826-1616 (08:00 – 21:00)

JR Kyūshū Information Center. Tel: 095-826-4336 (08:00 – 20:00)



Information on Stations

JR Kyūshū

  • NagasakiStation                           Tel: 095-826-4336
  • Urakami Station                           Tel: 095-844-1554
  • SaseboStation                       Tel: 0956-22-7115


Shimabara Railways

  • Shimabara Station                        Tel: 0957-62-4705
  • Shimatetsu Honsha Ekimae      Tel: 0957-63-1852
  • Main Isahaya Station                  Tel: 0957-22-0047


Matsuura Railways

  • Matsuura station                          Tel: 0956-72-0520



Long Distance Buses


(Nagasaki City)

There is a highway bus service to NagasakiAirportas well as highway express buses to Fukuoka, Sasebo, Beppu, Oita, Kumamoto, Kitakyūshū, Miyazaki, Karatsu, Yobuko, Nagoya, Kyōto, Ōsakaand Kōbefrom NagasakiCity. Timetables and bus stops can be accessed at the websites given below. For more details, consult the following bus companies for more information.

NagasakiBus Terminal: Shinchi-machi 3-17,NagasakiCity.  Tel: 095-826-1112

NagasakiKenei Bus Terminal: Daikoku-machi 3-1,NagasakiCity.  Tel: 095-826-6221


(Sasebo City)


Buses bound forNagasakiCity,Fukuoka,FukuokaAirport,Kitakyūshū,Kumamoto,NagoyaandŌsakaall depart fromSasebo. Timetables and bus stops can be accessed at the bus company’s website. For more information, contact the following:                                                                               

(Enquiries)SaseboStationFrontBusCenter              Tel: 0956-23-2121

SaihiHighwayBusReservationCenter                         Tel: 0956-25-8900



Sea Routes


Company Route Telephone
Nomoshōsen Hakata – Gotō 092-291-0510
NagasakiKisen Nagasaki– Iōjima & Takashima 095-826-6238
KyushuShōsen Nagasaki– Gotō,Sasebo– Kamigotō, Shimabara –Kumamoto 095-822-9153 
Sangyō Kisen Nagasaki–Kumamoto,NagasakiAirport–  Huis Ten Bosch, Togitsu,ŌmuraCity 095-826-0188
Ariake Ferry NagasakiTaira-ko – Nagasu-ko (Kumamoto) 0968-78-1588
KumamotoFerry Shimabara-ko – Kumamoto-ko 0957-63-8008



Nagasaki Airport

Nagasaki Airport has departures and arrivals to and from Tōkyō, Ōsaka (Itami), Nagoya (Chūbu), Nagoya (Komaki), Kagoshima, Okinawa, Miyazaki, Gotō Fukue, Iki, Tsushima, Shanghai and Seoul. (information available in English, Chinese and Korean)

For more information, call 0957-52-5555