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2. Sending Money Overseas

18Nov 2011 Nagasaki-Ken
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From the Post Office


Money can be sent to any country in the world from any post office that handles savings accounts. By filling in an international money order invoice form (kokusaisōkin seikyūkin), a postal money order can be sent to the address of the receiver or placed directly into the receiver’s postal or bank account. You must provide some form of identification when applying to transfer money. For some countries, it might not be possible to send money directly to a bank account. The currency of the transfer is always the currency of the country to which the money is being sent. The sender pays the transfer in Japanese yen (at the exchange rate on the day of application) and a handling charge.


Consult your local post office for more information. Post offices are open from9:00to16:00on weekdays, however, Nagasaki Central Post office is open until18:00.



From a Bank


Money can be sent to an account overseas by writing the name, address, bank name and account number and amount of money on a wire transfer request form (sōkin iraisho) at a bank that handles international transfers. For some countries, it might not be possible to send money directly to a bank account.



Alternatively, by filling in an international bank cheque request form (gaikokumuke sōkinkogitte mōsikomisho), you can have an international bank cheque issued which you can send overseas. Some form of identification is necessary when requesting this service. There are only certain banks which offer this service, so please consult the foreign exchange counter at your local bank for more information. Banks are open from9:00 to15:00 on weekdays.



Major Financial Institutions in Nagasaki Prefecture


● Nagasaki Chūo Post Office              1-1 Ebisu-machi,NagasakiCity   095-822-9580


● Nagasaki Kita Post Office   9-20 Kawaguchi-machi,NagasakiCity   095-846-5866


● Jyūhachi Bank (Head Office)            1-11 Dōza-machi,NagasakiCity   095-824-1818


● Shinwa Bank (Head Office)             10-12 Shimanose-chō,SaseboCity   0956-24-5111