Useful Information for Living in Nagasaki

8. Waste Disposal

18Nov 2011 Nagasaki-Ken
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Strict waste disposal regulations inJapanrequire that residents properly separate their garbage by type, put them into specified disposal bags and place them at designated places on specific days for collection. Uncollected garbage creates a mess and is often a cause of neighborhood complaints. Each area has its own specified day and area for disposing garbage, so make sure you ask your landlord, estate agency or neighbors when you move in. Colored garbage bags (RED, GREEN, BLUE and YELLOW) are sold in supermarkets and other places.



Garbage Disposal in Nagasaki City


● Burnable waste must be put in RED disposal bags.


Examples include: kitchen waste, clothing, small-sized futons (and other similar textile products), paper waste, wood, dry leaves, disposable diapers and other sanitary items.


● Recyclable waste must be put in GREEN disposal bags.


Examples include: empty cans and bottles, PET bottles (plastic tops should be put in yellow garbage bags, aluminum tops should be put into blue garbage bags) Rinse all bottles before throwing away.


● Non-burnable waste must be put in BLUE disposal bags.


Examples include: fuel tanks, metallic goods, small electronic appliances, lighters, video/cassette tapes, used light bulbs, glass, chinaware, sharp items such as razors and needles should be wrapped in newspaper before disposal), hangers, vinyl string, toys.


● Plastic containers must be put in YELLOW disposal bags.


Examples include: cup noodles containers, food trays, egg packs, shampoo and similar bottles, detergent containers, cellophane wrap, Styrofoam, yoghurt containers, plastic bags, plastic bottle lids, tubes, medicine containers.

Plastic containers are recycled so please rinse them out before disposing of them.

Hazardous items such as used batteries have an allocated bin at unburnable garbage collection points.