Useful Information for Living in Nagasaki

4. Electricity

18Nov 2011 Nagasaki-Ken
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Establishing electricity supply


Contact the electric supplier Kyūshū Denryoku (Kyushu Electrical Power Company) before moving into your apartment.

Contact information is on ‘Reference Material 1’.



Paying your electric bills 


Electrical bills are based on how much electricity is used and this is calculated by a meter attached to each household. An invoice is then posted to the householder monthly. Payments can be made at convenience stores, financial institutions e.g. banks, or you can arrange to have payments directly debited from your account.





Inform the electrical company at least four or five days before moving out of your accommodation. The bill can be settled by transferring the money from your account, or you can arrange to have a bill sent to your new address. If you are leavingJapan, an agent will visit on the day of moving out and you can settle up with cash.



Circuit Breakers


If too many electrical appliances are used at the same time, circuit breakers will automatically cut off all power. To turn the power back on, turn off and disconnect appliances that caused the overload and reset the circuit breaker by pushing the lever up to the ON position.


If you wish to increase the amperage of your circuits, or your circuit breakers are frequently activated, please contact Kyūshū Denryoku (Kyushu Electrical Power Company).