Useful Information for Living in Nagasaki

3. Advice for Renters

18Nov 2011 Nagasaki-Ken
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1. Pay the rent on time.


2. Do not permit people, other than family members, to live in your accommodation without permission from the landlord.


3. Do not sublet the property.


4. Do not alter or decorate the property without permission from the landlord.


5. Do not disturb your neighbors.


6. Do not keep pets, unless the contract permits it.



  Commonly Used Vocabulary (Rental Property)

Yachin/chinryō  (Rent) Fixed amount of money paid monthly for the use of a room or property.


Cost for the maintenance of the building. Paid monthly in addition to the rent.
Shikikin or hoshōkin(Deposit money) Between one and three months rent to be paid in advance. When leaving, repair charges, rent arrears and penalties are subtracted and the remainder refunded.
Reikin(Key money) A gift to the landlord, usually about one month rent. Non-refundable.
Chūkaitesūryō (Commission) Paid to the real estate agent. Usually about one months rent.
Rentaihoshōnin (Guarantor) A person who bears responsibility for the rent if the tenant fails to do so. Also holds responsibility for any dispute during the period of occupancy.
(Mōshikomikin/ Tetsukekin)(Reservation fees) Some agents charge an initial application fee as a deposit to prevent other tenants from taking the property. Check the contract to see if this is refundable after moving in. (Tetsukekin is often not refunded.)