Useful Information for Living in Nagasaki

3. Proceedings at Your First Consultation

18Nov 2011 Nagasaki-Ken
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Reception: Fill in registration form, show your National Health Insurance Certificate and get directions to the correct medical department.


Consultation: Undergo medical examination and receive treatment. Ask the doctor or nurse if unsure of anything, no matter how trivial.


Cashier: After consultation, settle payment with the cashier and make sure to keep your receipts. Without a National Health Insurance Certificate you will be required to pay the entire bill, which can be expensive. You will be given a consultation card which will make your next visit smoother.


Pharmacist: If the pharmacist is located outside of the hospital, you will be given a prescription to take to the pharmacy. The pharmacist will charge you for the medicines separately.



Other Advice


● If you don’t feel confident with your Japanese ability, take a Japanese speaker along with you.


● Turn off all mobile communication devices when in a medical institution.


● If there is a Medical Social Worker (MSW)* posted at the hospital, please feel free to consult with them about medical costs and the Japanese medical welfare system.


* MSWs are stationed in some hospitals and medical clinics. They are social workers who offer advice and possible solutions to patients and their families about financial, emotional and social problems relating to medical care.