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1. Hospitals

18Nov 2020 Nagasaki-Ken
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Japanese medical facilities are divided into departments. When you arrive at the clinic, hospital or dentist’s office, please go to the reception desk. Some facilities have a system whereby you can be seen by the doctor after registering at reception, whereas other facilities may require you to make an appointment in advance. In some cases you may have wait several hours to be seen by the doctor, even after registering at the reception desk. Make sure to locate in advance the clinics, hospitals and dentist’s offices nearest to your home.


If you go to see a doctor, please take with you your Health Insurance Card (without it you will be required to pay the full cost of treatment), and identification such as your passport.


☆  Multilingual Medical Questionnaire (available in Indonesian, Tagalog, Persian (Farsi), English, Chinese, Portuguese, Cambodian (Khmer), Lao, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, French, Arabic, Croatian,German, Nepali)


☆    CLAIR’s Multilingual Living Guide



Medical Specialisms

A hospital or clinic’s ‘specialism’ describes the types of illnesses that can be treated there. Make sure to find out the specialisms, opening hours and telephone number of the medical facilities near to your home.




内科(ないか) naika: Internal Medicine

General medical care for the whole body.

心療(しんりょう)内科(ないか) shinryou naika: Psychosomatic Internal Medicine

Treatment of internal disorders caused by stress etc.

精神科(せいしんか) seishinka: Psychiatry

Treatment of mental and emotional conditions.

神経科(しんけいか)神経(しんけい)内科(ないか)shinkeika (shinkei naika) : Neurology

Treatment of the nervous system: the brain, spinal cord and muscles.

呼吸器科(こきゅうきか) kokyuukika: Respiratory Medicine

Treatment of the airways: trachea, bronchi, lungs etc.

消化器科(しょうかきか) shoukakika:  Gastroenterology, Digestive Medicine

Treatment of the digestive organs (esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine (colon), liver, pancreas, gallbladder etc.).

胃腸科(いちょうか) ichouka:  Gastroenterology

Treatment of the stomach, intestines and liver.

(じゅん)(かん)()() junkankika: Cardiovascular Medicine

Treatment of blood pressure, the heart and blood vessels.

アレルギー() arerugiika: Allergy Medicine

Treatment of allergic conditions such as rashes (hives) and asthma.

リウマチ() riumachika: Rheumatology

Specialist treatment for rheumatism.

(しょう)()() shounika: Pediatric Medicine

General treatment for children under the age of about 16.

外科(げか) geka: Surgery

Treatment focusing on surgical operations.

整形(せいけい)外科(げか) seikei geka: Orthopedics

Treatment of bones, joints, muscles etc.

(けい)(せい)()() keisei geka: Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Treatment of deformations of the body caused by injuries, surgery etc.

(のう)神経(しんけい)外科(げか) noushinkei geka: Neurosurgery

Treatment of disorders of the brain and the nervous system.

呼吸器(こきゅうき)外科(げか) kokyuuki geka: Respiratory Surgery

Surgery on the airways, lungs and chest, etc.

心臓(しんぞう)血管(けっかん)外科(げか) shinzoukekkan geka: Cardiovascular Surgery

Surgery on the heart and blood vessels, etc.

(しょう)()()() shouni geka: Pediatric Surgery

Surgical treatment for children under the age of about 16.

皮膚科(ひふか) hifuka: Dermatology

Treatment of skin conditions.

()尿(にょう)()() hinyoukika: Urology

Treatment of disorders of the kidneys, ureters, urethra, bladder and male genitalia.

(せい)(びょう)() seibyouka: Venereology

Treatment of sexually transmissible diseases.

(こう)(もん)() koumonka: Proctology

Treatment of disorders of the anus such as hemorrhoids (piles).

(さん)()(じん)() sanfujinka: Obstetrics & Gynecology

Treatment of disorders related to the female reproductive system, and care relating to pregnancy and birth.

(がん)() ganka: Opthalmology

General treatment of the eyes, eyesight, eyelids, etc.

()()(いん)(こう)() jibiinkouka: Otorhinolaryngology

Treatment of disorders of the ears, nose and throat.

()(かん)(しょく)(どう)() kikanshokudouka: Bronchoesophagology

Treatment of disorders of the airways and esophagus (gullet).

リハビリテーション() rihabiriteeshonka: Rehabilitation (physical therapy)

Treatment for mobility and mental function.

(ほう)(しゃ)(せん)() houshasenka: Radiology

X-rays, CT scans, MRI, ultrasound examinations, etc.

()(すい)() masuika: Anesthesiology

Anesthesia during surgery, pain-relieving treatment

()() shika: Dentistry

Treatment relating to teeth

(きょう)(せい)()() kyousei shika: Orthodontic Dentistry

Treatment to align teeth and correct bite.

(しょう)()()() shouni shika: Pediatric Dentistry

Dental treatment for children under the age of about 16.

(こう)(くう)()() koukuu geka: Oral Surgery

Surgery on the inside of the mouth (including teeth, chin and throat)