Useful Information for Living in Nagasaki

Government Office Procedures

18Nov 2011 Nagasaki-Ken
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1. Certificate of Residence (Jūminhyō) (used to prove your name and address)


Foreign nationals residing in Japan are included in the Basic Resident Register System, which is a record of all people living in Japan. When you take up residence in Japan, you must complete the registration procedure at the local government office where you live (for example, the City Hall or Town Hall).

☆ Basic Resident Register System enquiries

           Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsCallCenter

Tel: 0570-066-630

(available in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese,Vietnamese)




2. National Health Insurance (Kokumin Kenkō Hoken) (needed for medical treatment)


If you pay into the National Health Insurance scheme every month, then this insurance will cover 70% of your medical treatment bills (excluding some exceptions). Please enquire at your local government office for more information about insurance fees and so on.




3. National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin)


All residents of Japan, aged between 20 and 59, must enroll in the National Pension Plan, and pay a monthly contribution. There are certain exemption schemes. For enrolment and enquiries, please visit your local government office for more information, and to enrol.




4. Mother and Child Health Handbook (Boshi Kenkō Techō) (required if pregnant)


On confirmation of pregnancy, please obtain a Mother and Child Health Handbook from your local government office. In Japan, expectant mothers go into hospital for around one week in order to give birth. The cost of this hospital stay is around 300,000 to 500,000 yen. Support is available for childbirth costs. The birth of a child must be registered within 14 days at your local government office. The birth registration is called shussei todoke. As the child grows up, there will be various health checks and vaccinations required. For more details, please contact your local government office or a paediatrics department.