Up into the Brilliant Night Sky of Da Nang


Trang Tran Thi Thuy

Da Nang City, Vietnam

2017 Nagasaki Prefectural Overseas Technology Trainee

Period of Stay in Nagasaki: August 2017 ~ March 2018



Hi everyone!

My name is Trang Tran Thi Thuy , a 2017 Nagasaki Prefectural Overseas Technology Trainee.

I spent about six months as a trainee at the Nagasaki Information Business College. Meeting the Vietnamese students studying there and the Vietnamese staff, and working alongside the dedicated teachers was an excellent experience for me. It has been exactly six months since I left Nagasaki. Even after returning to Vietnam, I always recall my life in Nagasaki, the memorable experiences I had and the smiling faces of everyone at the International Affairs Division.



I am from Da Nang city, in the central region of Vietnam. The symbols of Da Nang City are the wondeful bridges that cross the Hàn River, and its beautiful beaches are famous tourist attractions. In addition, Da Nang is actively working to improve the standard of living of its citizens, and is said to be a city worth living in. There are many events held in Da Nang, but for me, the “Da Nang International Fireworks Festival” is an amazing event and my top pick.

This time I will be telling you about the “Da Nang International Fireworks Festival”.



The Night Sky of Da Nang – A Colorful Painting Photographer: Minh Hai


The Da Nang International Fireworks Festival is the largest fireworks festival in Asia. First held in 2008, following the success of the first festival, former Prime Minister Dũng Nguyễn Tấn gave his approval for it to be held annually. However, the festival was biennially from 2013.  Despite this, starting in 2017 the festival was once again held annually, and the previously 2-day festival was extended to being held over 2 months. The festival is held over two months from the end of April to the end of June, but fireworks are launched on five days over that period (mostly on Saturdays).


This year, teams from eight countries – America, China (Hong Kong), Italy, France, Portugal, Sweden, Poland, and Vietnam – competed on beauty and technical skill as they produced themed fireworks displays.




Da Nang International Fireworks Festival 2018 – Display from the Polish Team Photographer: Dang No




Da Nang International Fireworks Festival 2018 – Display from the Italian Team   Photographer: Dang No




Da Nang International Fireworks Festival 2018 – Display from the Vietnamese Team Photographer: Dang No



Unfortunately I was unable to go this year, but last year I was lucky enough to see the fireworks and it was a great experience. Invited by friends, I was able to sit close to the fireworks and fully enjoy Da Nang’s colorful night sky.  Looking up at the sky, the fireworks were right in front of my eyes, adorning Da Nang’s night sky in time with the music. I can’t begin to convey in words how amazing it was. Also, the banks of the Han River were packed with tourists hoping for a glimpse of the fireworks.



I have heard that number of tourists who visit the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival is increasing annually, and that the City of Da Nang is using this fireworks festival as an opportunity to attract visitors. I’m sure that the number of tourists is just going to keep increasing.



So please come to Da Nang City to enjoy this fireworks festival! By the way, the best time of year to visit Da Nang is April and May. I recommend a trip to Da Nang during April or May so that you can enjoy the fireworks festival!

So please come and enjoy Da Nang! Looking forward to seeing you here!