A Dish of Supreme, Nagasaki Gourmet Selection 2020 Recommended by professionals in the tourism industry

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A Dish of Supreme

Nagasaki Gourmet Selection


Search for special gourmet restaurants

Which restaurant do you recommend to enjoy food and food culture peculiar to Nagasaki?


This is one of the questions we are often asked

You are concerned about that when you visit Nagasaki for sightseeing, aren’t you?

Do you know whom to ask?


On the website, “ nagasaki-tabinet”, by Nagasaki Prefecture Tourism Association,

you can search for 85 special gourmet restaurants peculiar to Nagasaki, selected by professionals involved in tourism such as accommodations, taxi companies, sightseeing associations of cities and towns, tour guides, and mass-communications.

The website runs a special feature on “A Dish of Supreme, Nagasaki Gourmet Selection”


They are the ones selected carefully by professionals from each institution.

You can search for these 85 restaurants according to 7 different areas in Nagasaki Prefecture and also search for restaurants according to local foodstuffs they serve such as fish, sake or others.


Let us show you some of the restaurants.



Nagasaki area   “Restaurant Roajisu Sakamoto”


Maruyama, which used to be a red-light district, is now very historic town.

The restaurant stands still in the end of Maruyama.


Hoping to serve French cuisine enjoyable only in Nagasaki, they serve dishes, safe and satisfactory, based on local foodstuffs, which are so natural that you might feel the change of the season.


You can enjoy Hirado beef of the highest quality the owner chef has selected.

They have a set menu and many other original menus.

The restaurant consists of only private rooms equipped with a “horigotatsu”-style table.

Please enjoy Hirado beef of the highest quality grilled over charcoal with your family or in a couple.


“ Restaurants specified as to Nagasaki beef”

“ Restaurants specified as to sake produced in Nagasaki Prefecture”




Nagasaki Island Trip – Exciting Air and Sea Tickets

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When the weather starts to get hot and sweaty, the place you want to go is… an island!!


If that’s you, here’s some great info!! “Nagasaki Island Trip – Exciting Air and Sea Tickets” went on sale from Thu April 25th 2019!


They’re for people who use a boat or plane to visit and stay overnight on one of the islands in Nagasaki Prefecture. The ticket is a that includes a return ticket on a route included in the promotion as well as a “coupon” that can be used for tourist experiences at the destination.

The value of the included coupon is up to ¥8000!!

Enjoy an exciting experience on a Nagasaki Island at a discount!


【Nagasaki Island Trip – Exciting Sea Ticket】

○「Return Sea Ticket」 and 「Tourist Experience Coupon」 set.
○ Applicable Areas: Tsushima, Iki, Goto, Shinkamigoto, Ojika, Uku (Sasebo)
○ Where to buy: Sea Ticket Counters at the Nagasaki Port, Sasebo Port, Hakata Port, Karatsu Port
○ On Sale: from Thu April 25th, 2019 until Sat February 29th, 2020
○ For more details:




Purchase at a Ticket Counter on the Mainland⇒ Use the Experience Coupons and Enjoy the Island at a Discount


【Nagasaki Island Trip – Exciting Air Ticket】

○ Book the “Return Air Ticket + Accommodation” on Jalan net and get an “Experience Coupon”.
○ Applicable Areas: Tsushima, Iki, Goto
○ Where to buy: On the accommodation booking site “Jalan net”
○ On Sale: from Thu April 25th, 2019 until Sat February 29th, 2020




1. Book the Return Air Ticket and Accomodation Set on Jalan net

2. Receive a coupon that can be used for a “Fun & Experiences” booking – Jalan net.

3. Use the Experience Coupons and Enjoy the Island at a Discount

  • A Range of Almost 120 types of Tourist Experiences (Exciting Sea Ticket)





【Tsushima】 Sea Kayak Experience

You’ll be glad you came to this border island after taking an adventure tour of this historical sea route that transcends time and space!





【Iki】 Tatsunoshima Cruise

A cruise around sheer cliffs and rugged rocks shaped by the elements and the sea that shines emerald green.





【Goto】 Tour Bus/Golf Experience

You can enjoy natural beauty, history and church visits.

Golf on a course that overlooks the sea is highly recommended!

There are almost 120 kinds of activities that you can only do on an island, including fishing and seashell crafts!!


◆You can check the experiences on offer for the “Exciting Air Ticket” on the “Fun & Experiences” page on “Jalan net.”

◆For more details about the Exciting Sea Ticket, please look at the special page on “Nagasaki Tabinet.”↓


It’s almost summer! Why not take a fun trip to an island in Nagasaki?